Art Teacher

Haley Stoltz

what would i do all day?

I would teach children how to draw, paint, and create crafts. I use many different materials. I may demonstrate methods of painting, drawing, sculpting, and making pottery to students. I prepare lessons, plan activities, and help students develop their art skills.

my working enviroment

i would work mostly in doors in a studio but i could have outdoor projects.

would I work with people?

yes, i would be working with children all day.

hands? head? both?

I would be working with both because as an art teacher you obviously need your hands to do stuff but you also need your head in order to be creative.

Earnings potential?

National average is about 50,000 dollars a year

My Schedule

My schedule goes along with school hours, so i work when ever kids are in school.

Do I Supervise Others?

yes, i supervise children.