5th Grade Lone Star Chronicle

May 18-June 3


  • May 20- Spring Fling

  • May 27- Field Day

  • May 30- No School- Memorial Day

  • June 2- Last Day of School/ End of Year Parties (More info coming soon from your teacher)

Spring Fling Dance Schedule:

K and 1st- 5:402nd and 3rd- 6:054th-6th- 6:25 teachers - 6:40

A Special Thanks...

Thank you to all students and parents for a WONDERFUL teacher appreciation week! We loved all of the goodies and heartfelt notes. You made us feel MORE than appreciated. Thank you for a fantastic year!! :)

-5th Grade Teachers

Wanted: ELA INFO

We are finishing up our Civil War research project. We are learning how to be good presenters as well as good audience member. We have finished up our study of homophones that trick us as we write. We will spend the last two weeks of school in literature circles improving our skills reading, thinking deeply about, and discussing books in small groups.

"Dinner Table Talk"

*READ, READ, READ over the summer!

Wanted: Science Info

We will continue our focus on the history of science.

We will continue researching major scientists who have made significant contributions to science.

Wanted: Social Studies Info

We will begin our new unit over America in the 20th Century. We will discuss about how Americans debated issues of isolation and involvement in world affairs during World War I and into the modern era. We will also learn about how during the Great Depression, Americans struggled to survive a collapsed economy and an environmental crisis.

"Dinner Table Talk"

Important Vocabulary: Alliance, Consumer, Credit, Dust Bowl, Great Depression, Jazz Age, Imperialism, Isolationism, Militarism, Nationalism, New Deal, Scarcity, Allied Powers, Central Powers, First Hundred Days, Great Migration, Mass Consumption, Mass Production, Migrant Worker.

Wanted: Math Info

This week we are wrapping up our Mode, Range, Mean and Median unit. The students have enjoyed being able to accomplish 6th grade math!!

Next week, we will move into integers. While they have learned positive numbers, they have never been introduced to negative numbers. Classifying numbers as positive and negative will be introduced on a number line, thermometer, and coordinate grids.

The last week of school will focus on measurement. We will be making Metric Monsters and students will need to use precise measuring to complete the task.

"Dinner Table Talk"

Think Through Math is a valuable summer math tool. It will be very helpful for students to spend a few minutes each week reviewing 5th grade concepts. This will make for a smoother transition into 6th grade math.

Hot Dogs with Watch Dogs

Friday, May 20th, 5-7pm

Lindsey Elementary Play Ground @ the Spring Fling

WHAT: Enjoy an All-Beef Hot Dog, Chips, and Drink at the Spring Fling Event! Lindsey’s own Watch DOGS Dads will be grilling delicious dogs and serving up good grub to families! We are planning to serve 1000 delicious hot dogs, so come and get yours early. Once they're gone, they're gone!

HOW: Stop by the Watch DOGS Grill and purchase food to enjoy. We prefer cash, but can also accept checks with DL # listed.

  • Hot Dogs: $2 Per Dog

  • Chips: $1 Per Bag

  • Water: $1 Per Bottle

  • Ketchup, Mustard, and Relish Available

*All Proceeds Support The Leader in Me Program Coming to Lindsey in 2016-17!