Every Easter we go to one of my family members house and celebrate . The week before we make the eggs and color them and do what ever we want to do. Then when its Easter we go to one of my family members house. Before we eat or sometimes after we play this game with my family. Then we get partners after that two people grabs a egg and we hit them together. the one person who has the crack egg looses the winner goes to the next person. the person who wins gets about $30.00.

Christmas eve we brake Christmas wafers to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


My family is full of honesty everyone one tells everyone the truth and no one lies. And my family does everything together.


My religion is Catholic. i was baptized a Catholic. Sometimes I do go to Church for special occasions but I really don't go to Church that often.


When I was little I used to play the violin for about 5 years then I stopped doing it then. I was getting good at playing piano, my brother used to play the tuba, trumpet and drums. My uncles and aunts are musically inclined. My oldest brother Ethen thought me how to draw so i'm kinda good and my other brother loves to draw to.

My Uncle Jack wrote a book about his life and my family up north. its a nonfiction book.


My dad and my brothers and I go hunting in October. On the way up we always stop at Denny's. Then we play this game who can guess what the song is or the artists. When we go up there we met our Aunts, Uncles,and cousins and sometimes our friends.

Sometimes we go camping, fishing, boating with my mom, step-dad, and my brothers.