Sebastian Keszler

The One and Only

A Little About Me

You probably know quite a bit about me but i'm 14 years older than i was 14 years ago. My favorite sport is baseball and my favorite team is the Kansas City Royals. My favorite colors are purple and blue (in no particular order). Despite playing baseball and swimming in the summer you will find me to probably be the most lazy person you know if i'm at my house. I NEVER, I mean NEVER wear pants unless it involves baseball or pajama pants, which by the way are the best.


I've been playing baseball since I was two. My favorite position in the field is pitching, but since I know I can't pitch every inning of every game I play outfield, and I'm pretty good at it if I do say so myself. When it comes to hitting on teams in the past I've hit as the lead off batter and had some very good success. When baseball season rolls around all the hype is about what number you choose, personally my favorite number is 1, but since it is sometimes taken ill go for number 3. My favorite baseball number is anything below 5.


Swimming is a very overlooked sport when compared to football,baseball, and soccer, but many do it because it is proven to be one of the most calorie burning sports with only a few other contenders. In the summer I swim on the Flowers Crossing swim team which we over the past 10 or so years have become a dynasty in one of the nations biggest swim leagues. My favorite stroke is freestyle which is just the generic stroke anyone can learn even without team experience. By the time i graduate high school I want to have won my heat at the county meet, held at the Georgia Tech Aquatic Center, and be on a record breaking and setting relay team.