Student Status

Role Expectations

Maximize efficiency, get homework done, succeed on tests, pay attention in class, be in class, don't blurt out.

Role Performance

I do (usually) pay attention in class, get my homework done, and succeed on tests. However, I sometimes struggle to be efficient and not blurt out (imagine that).

Role Conflict

At times, I don't have time to do the homework I'm given because of another role. As a part of the church, I have the role of going on a retreat this weekend; getting my homework done will be a real challenge due to this time conflict. Also, sometimes the roles I'm given as a musician take up the time I need to do homework.

Role Strain

Every once in a while, all the teachers decide to assign a major project or test on the same day. Suddenly, my role expectations as a student become unattainable.

Reciprocal Role