Tyngsborough Elementary School

Update - September 4, 2017

WOW, what an incredible start to the 2017-18 School Year! Our first three days were filled with high energy, excitement, and smiles! A great big thank you to our staff for creating such welcoming classroom environments. You will be thoroughly impressed during your visit at our Open House on Thursday, 9/7.

We have lots of student centered changes this year. We have implemented a new master schedule, which includes a WIN block. Beginning in November, TES will implement a WIN (“What I Need”) block which will allow teams in grades 1-5 to provide targeted intervention and enrichment to continue to meet the needs of all learners through flexible grouping.

TES continues the commitment of inclusive practices for all students. In order to better serve our students learning needs we are continuing to evolve both our practices and teaching models. We have established some co-taught classes in the upper elementary school in order to continue to provide multiple learning opportunities and meet the diverse learning needs of our students. Our co-teaching teams are:

Grade 3 - Mrs. Balzotti & Mrs. Byers

Grade 4 - Mrs. Bishop, Mrs. Roberts, & Mrs. Russo

Grade 5 - Ms. Holmstead, Mrs. Rocheleau, & Mrs. Weed

Student Accident Insurance

For those parents looking for accident insurance for their students, you can go to http://www.bobmccloskey.com/ for the application.

Social Media Preparedness and Presentation for the TPS Community

On Monday, September 18th Tyngsborough Public Schools is pleased to welcome Katie Greer to present to our students, faculty, parents/guardians and community members. Katie L. Greer has provided nearly a decade of Internet/technology safety education to schools, law enforcement agencies, large corporations, community organizations and at national conferences throughout the United States and Canada. Her unique professional, educational and personal background has resulted in dynamic programs that appeal to all age groups. Please see below for a description of the community and student presentations. Please note that audience members must be eighteen years old or older to attend the community presentation.

Community Presentation: September 18th at 6:30 in the Tyngsborough High School Gymnasium
(Please note that this is an 18+ event)

Our kids are doing WHAT? What can I do to protect them? What apps should I be worried about? Is social networking safe? Is my child being cyberbullied? What’s texting? Sexting? What’s next? It’s often overwhelming being a parent today in our technology-driven society. Keeping up with the latest trends and dangers can often seem like an impossible task. Katie will help you navigate the digital waters and let you know what’s new, what’s now, and what’s next when it comes to your children and technology, and provides parents with proactive initiatives to keep kids safe. The following is an example of the information that is covered during this presentation:

  • Updates on the latest technology trends and dangers

  • Social media

  • Digital Tattoos

  • Interactive gaming

  • Case examples and real life implications

  • Cell phones/smartphones/devices

  • Cyberbullying laws and legislation

  • Overview of what message Katie sends to students

  • Rules and regulations

  • Q&A: Parents are encouraged to asked questions throughout, and the program will end with an open forum allowing parents more time to ask specific questions

Tyngsborough Elementary School Presentations during the School Day

Grades 3-5

At this age, kids are starting to become interested in communicating with friends online – through various social networking sites (most of which they’re not allowed to be on) and interactive gaming. With more and more kids in this age range having access to their very own devices, it’s a great time to lay down some important foundations. The following is an example of what is covered during this presentation:

  • What is personal information?

  • Social networking

  • Interactive gaming rules

  • Cell phone/tablet rules and ways to stay safe

  • Cyberbullying

  • “Who Done It” – an interactive game showing kids why they should only be communicating with friends online

  • Q&A: Katie invites questions from students


Today, kids are digital natives – born wired and ready for all things technology. With that, it’s never too early to start educating kids how to appropriately use the Internet and all other technologies. This interactive presentation covers important safety basics such as:

  • What are some rules you follow when it comes to using tablets and phones?

  • Games: What games are we playing and what are some good rules while playing them?

  • What is personal information?

  • How do we keep personal information safe?

  • What sites/apps are appropriate for us to use?

  • Q&A: Katie invites questions from students

A friendly reminder that our Preschool Curbside Drop Off begins tomorrow. Take a moment to watch this Bus Safety Video with your child(ren).


Important Dates (*Dates are subject to change)


Tuesday, September 5th - Preschool Curbside Drop-Off

Thursday, September 7th - Grades 1-5 Open House @ 5-5:30 - Information Session 1 &

@ 5:30-6 - Information Session 2

Thursday, September 7th - 1st Annual Ice Cream Social @ 6:00-6:45

Wednesday, September 13th - Early Release Day (Preschool Dismissal @ 11:30 & Kindergarten - Grade 5 @ 12:00)

Wednesday, September 20th - O'Connor Studios Picture Day - Preschool - Grade 2

Thursday, September 21st - O'Connor Studios Picture Day - Grades 3-5

Please consider supporting our amazing community groups.




I anticipate a terrific year as we collectively strive to foster a culture of learning. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to work with the highly qualified and dedicated staff, the wonderful students, and the supportive families.

Proud Principal,

Kerry Cavanaugh

The Tyngsborough Public Schools does not discriminate against students, parents, employees or the general public on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, religion, or age.

Fall After School Baseball/Softball Program ( This is our 6th year) - Stay tuned for additional before & after school enrichment activities this fall!

Boys and Girls in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades

6th graders also welcome. You would have to provide your own transportation from TMS to TES.

Program Details:

Each player will develop proper skills for throwing, fielding, hitting, pitching, catching, and knowledge of how to play the game.

Where: Bicentennial Field on elementary school campus

Time: End of school – 5pm

Dates: ( 5 Weeks )

9/11/Mon, 9/12 Tues, 9/14/Thurs ( 9/13/Wed is a ½ day)

9/19/Tues, 9/20/Wed, 9/21/Thurs

9/26/Tues, 9/27/Wed, 9/28/Thurs

10/3/Tues, 10/4/Wed, 10/5/Thurs

10/10/Tues, 10/11/Wed, 10/12/Thurs

In the event of rain, I will notify you by email of the cancelation. There is no indoor facility to use so I will go by the forecast in advance. Make-up days will be the next available Monday or Friday.

Instructor: THS Varsity Baseball Coach Ken Connerty

Cost: $20/day. Family discount $10/day for any additional sibling.

Checks made payable to Ken Connerty. Payment can be made at the end of each week or in advance.

Dismissal Procedure:

You would dismiss the player to Ken Connerty Fall Baseball/Softball Program. Write a note for the entire week or for those days your child can participate stating the days your child is participating and give it to the main office. The office generates a daily list for me when I arrive at 3pm. The kids meet me in the hall between the cafe and the gym. I take attendance and check back in with the office before I take them outside. I lead them out to the baseball field and lead them up to the parking lot at 5pm. If something comes up and someone can't make one of the days on the dismissal note then notify the office that day.

What They Need:

Dress appropriately because the weather changes quite a bit day-to-day and hour-to-hour over the 5 weeks. Sneakers are fine, baseball hat, bottle of water, and a baseball glove. I will supply the bats because bats are not allowed on the school bus. Otherwise a parent would have to bring the bat to the player after school out to the field each day. With that in mind I will have some bats to use instead.

Registration Forms:

Filled out completely please. They are my source for contact info.

My Contact Info:



Medical Issues:

Allergies, epi-pens, etc. that I should know about. ______________________________________________________

Registration Form:

Player Name:



Parent Name:

Phone #:

Email Address:

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