Hurricane PSA

By Bethany & savannah

How it forms

A hurricane will start out as a tropical disturbance(warm water with building rain clouds). From that it will grow into a tropical depression(rotating thunderstorms with winds of 38mph or less). With just one more higher speed it will be a tropical storm when winds reach 39mph. It will finally be a hurricane if wind reaches 74 mph.

Characteristics of a hurricane/structure


- formed over tropical oceans

- have rotary circulation

- also called typhoons


Eye: center of the storm

- all rain precipitation ceases

Eye wall: 10-20km from center

- greatest winds & heaviest rains

Spiral Rainbands:

Bands of heavy convective showers that spiral inward toward the storms center

More about structure...

Hurricanes are formed from large numbers of thunderstorms arranged in pinwheel formation.


Inward of spiraling motion around low pressure


Cirrus clouds spiral outward around high pressure center.

What to do of caught in one

If you seem to be caught in a hurricene here are some things you need to do to stay safe and away from danger

1. Stay away from low-lying and flood prone areas

2. Always stay indoors during a hurricane, because strong winds will blow things around

3. Stay always in high ground

4. Stay away from windows or glass in your house or a shelter

if you are caught outside in flooding grounds here is what to do:

- don't try to fight the current

- try to find something to hold on to so your not drifting under water

- find help

Safety tips

1) Have a disaster plan

2) Prepare a disaster supply kit.

3) Car full with gas

4) Board up windows

5) Have enough food and water for 3 days

6) Bring in outdoor objects

7) Have a radio so you can hear the news

8) Know your evacuation plan

9) Keep cash