The Culinary Institute of America

and why i want to go

why i choose CIA

  • CIA is a great school for culinary arts
  • They were in a different place then i lived, so I could explore


  • You have to have at least your high school diploma or GED credential.
  • No minimum GPA
  • Recommendations: you'll need one or more depending on which program applied for.
  • Assessment tests: may have to take a placement test to determine classes.
  • Food-service experience: the CIA requires that you gain relevant experience in one of two ways before enrolling by working at a non fast food establishment with a professional kitchen for six months or by completing culinary classes at either the high school or college level.
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  • I want to go to school to be a business owner and chef/baker because I have always wanted to own my own restaurant.
  • My area of study would be culinary arts management and baking and pastry arts management.
  • In general restaurant owners make $50,000 - $100,000 a year and chefs generally make $85,000 a year.
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