7th Grade Info


Students who have homework help will be issued a reminder by Day 3.

Homework Help Students:

Maroon: 318

Gold: 321

*Take all work that you will need and SSR book

*Not attending Homework Help is the same as not attending resource and the consequences will be the same (8th period detention).

Payday Students:

In the gym/cafeteria – no technology


Gold team= DAY 3

Maroon team = DAY 4: sign up with Mrs. Bukousky on Day 4

Technology (Smart phones, Kindles, Nooks, etc.)

At no time should technology devices be seen, heard, or used during academic classes, unless for instructional purposes with specific permission by the teacher.

Ereaders or cell phones may only be used with teacher permission for SSR.

They should not be used to capture images (camera or video).

Events this week

HS Musical – Wednesday , February 27

Musical 9:30-10:30
3/4 10:30 until 10:55
5 10:55 until 11:23

Regular schedule for the afternoon.

Regular schedule for the afternoon.

Pep Rally – Friday, March 1 (8th period)