Be.You.Tiful Long Weekend Challenge


Happy Weekend to all our and especially to our Canadian Stylists who have a LONG weekend up ahead of us with Victoria Day on Monday!

With all the excitement that has been happening with Stella & Dot lately, I thought it would be FUN to do a QUICK team challenge this weekend! And this is something that EVERYONE can participate in and have a chance to WIN!!

So what's all the excitement about you're asking? Well if you haven't checked the Stylist Lounge lately, I highly encourage you to do that first! I'm going to run through the list of fabulous things happening right now but all the deets will be in your Lounge and Stellaverse so check it out and get familiar with what's happening there.

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WHAT's UP in the world of STELLA?!

Here's what we have going on right now:

* DOT DOLLARS are here! This is our Customer's FAV promo! Details and FAQ are in Stellaverse but in essence, beginning May 16th (so NOW) through Friday, June 17th for every $50 retail increment on orders your customer spends NOW, they earn $25 in Dot Dollars to redeem LATER. They can then cash in those coveted Dot Dollars starting on Thursday, June 23rd until July 5th when for each $50 retail that they have on their next order, they can redeem $25 increments in Dot Dollar codes and only pay the remainder amount on their order! They will pretty much be shopping at half price at the end of June and beginning of July! So leverage ALL orders to get them over that retail $50 mark to boost your sales NOW and that will help you into June and July during the redeem period too!! All the deets are here:

* Our SUMMER collection is ON FIRE!!! I mean have you SEEN our EAR CLIMBER FRENZY?! ;) Don't let another minute go to waste and offer to send a Summer look book to anyone you think might love a little Sip & Style or to even do some SHOPPING now! Sometimes, ladies don't want to hostess, but they know someone who does, OR they just want to shop and that's ok too!! But if you don't offer it up, you'll never know!! Here's the digital Canadian Summer Look Book:

*Our Canadian Stylists have the amazing Victoria Day SALE to leverage right now until Monday night!! Check in out in Stellaverse here:

YOU are going to want to REACH out INDIVIDUALLY to customers, friends, co-workers, neighbours, hostesses, your top customers, pretty much anyone on your Who Do You Know List, and offer up this AMAZING SALE!! It's the PERSONAL reach outs that will get you the sale and help you develop a PERSONAL relationship with your customers that will keep them coming back for more! It takes a bit of work, but trust me when I say it is totally worth it!!

Ok, now for the FUN Challenge part.....

Our SUNNIES have been a HUGE hit so far and I want to offer

YOU a chance to WIN a pair of your CHOICE!!

How are you going to do that?!

Well all you need to do is sell $500 pqv starting TODAY May 20th and running over the long weekend, and ending May 23rd at Midnight PST! For every $500 pqv you sell, you earn 1 entry and can earn unlimited entries this weekend! You don't even have to book a trunk show! It can be selling to friends, family, co-workers, etc! Share the sparkle with everyone and collect some orders to help you WIN!!

As my 4 year old says, "EASY PEASY, LEMON SQUEEZY!" ;)

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This is completely doable for every Stylist! Even if you're a casual Stylist and brand ambassador, why not leverage these exciting reasons to reach out to everyone this weekend! Not only will you get a chance to win a pair of sunnies, but you're going to make connections, warm ladies up for an amazing rest of May, and start June off strong, AND you'll make $$$ by selling too! It's totally a WIN-WIN!!

Need some words to say? Make sure to make them your own but why not reach out via text, FB message, email or in person with something like:

Hey Suzy,
I hope you're having a fab Friday so far! I just had to let you know about our amazing ***insert your reason to reach Dot Dollars, a piece from the Summer collection, our Canadian Sale AND add a LINK to your website directly or mystery hostess or the SALE link****** and thought you might like to check it out! I'm placing orders over this weekend and would love to help you snag your favs! You'll totally earn Dot Dollars now too so you can have a discount shopping spree on your next order at the end of June/beginning of July! Or if you'd like to get some ladies together for a little Summer Sip & Style, I'd be happy to connect and find a date that works for you too. Can't wait to hear what you're loving!




It's not enough just to send that message out and hope that they get back to you. You are going to take it one step further and CONNECT with them one more time, but via a different method. So if you've sent an email to warm them up, connect a second time later that night or tomorrow via text to see what they thought of the email you sent earlier. THIS IS KEY to ANYTHING we do as Stylists! You're not being annoying or pushy or that creepy Stella lady, you're actually providing AMAZING customer SERVICE and helping them via a quick reminder and check in! Change your mindset on how you think about reaching out. I can't tell you the amount of times I've read a message or email and meant to get back to someone, but totally got busy and forgot. I'm so THANKFUL when someone reminds me and it's totally the same for our customers! Ladies LOVE Stella & Dot so why not share the SDJoy with them this weekend!!

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There will be a PINNED post on our Be. you.tiful Charms Facebook team page where you can comment once you've sold $500pqv this weekend! I'll also be totalling it all up via reports so don't worry if you're not on FB, I'll make sure to count you in! Or feel free to send me a text, or email to let me know how you're doing this weekend! If you've got any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Can't wait to celebrate our SUNNY weekend participants!!!


Jess Hoover

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Jessica Hoover

Independent Director with Stella & Dot

Leader and Mentor of the Charms

My role is to help you reach for your success on your own terms

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