child saftey

by: camille, emily, and jeremiah

10 guidelines to keep a child/baby safe!

1) All unused outlets need to be covered with safety plugs.

2) Make sure knifes, forks, scissors, and other sharp tools are in a drawer with a child proof latch.

3) Make sure you have installed a dishwasher lock so kids cannot open it while it is running and cant reach breakable objects, knifes, and other dangerous objects.

4) Be sure you have a stove lock and knob protesters that have been placed on the stove knobs.

5) You must have a safety belt for the baby's changing table.

6) Make sure the crib is free of a drop side.

7) Make sure all medication bottles, loose pills, coins, scissors, and other sharp objects are out of reach.

8) Be sure that you child/baby wears flame retardant sleepwear.

9)Make sure all walkways and outdoor stairways are well lit.

10) You must cover your garbage cans are securely covered.

keep ALL kids safe!

Child safety is important

Child safety is important because, the safety of your child is important. A healthy child is a happy child,which makes you happy. You can keep your child safe by, locking all drawers so the child does not go "exploring" and find something they should not be playing with. All children should be watched at all times, until they can take care of themselves. If not watched the child could be in serious danger without you knowing. Child safety is very important so you can keep your child safe.