Heart Surgeons

By: Alexander Sawyers

Job Description

Heart surgeons do heart or other cardiothoraic surgery to help people with heart problems or disfunction.

Work conditions

You work indoors and it takes about roughly 17 years to be a full Heart surgeon. You also work about 50-60 hours a week.


annual pay

Heart surgeons get payed about $533,084.

Educational Background

It takes a lot of medicinal education and study. It takes a lot of education because its a very stressful job.

Related jobs

There's a lot of other types of surgeons in the medicinal field.

What abilities needed

You need to be calm and patient, because there's a lot of stress for the surgeon in the operating room.

Advantages of this career

Surgeons do get payed a lot money and medical experience.


You can kill people on accident of course and you will get sued or fired. There's also were you can get your license suspended
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