Ea O Ka 'Aina

"The Spirit, Life, and Sovereignty of The Land"


The influence of the Americans were to powerful and had taken over the Hawaiian Kingdom. The Hawaiian Pono suffered with the important roles of President Benjamin Harrison, President Grover Cleveland, and Minister John L. Stevens.


The Hawaiian Kingdom overthrow is relevant to people around the world today because now people will understand and have the opportunity to see the true colors of how our government functions. It's important to many today because we can see that the people of Hawai'i not only valued themselves but they truly valued the 'Aina. It's important to understand the struggle that the island has faced because without the struggles we wouldn't have the Hawaii we have today. It wouldn't be the fake state we're living in. I want the readers to take the time and to actually ponder on The History of Hawaii and to understand the true meaning of value. Understanding how to value the things most important in life is what causes us to NEVER give up or give in. With our history teaching us this lesson we can past this legacy on to generations to come, having them fight for our island because the island won't fight for us. History is what made us today, and today is what makes our future.

Is Hawaii legally and lawfully a state of the union

Most folks have heard that Hawaii is a state, one of the United States of America. Most people, including those who live in Hawaii, accept that statement as a fact.

But the reality is that in a world in which nations are as bound by the rule of laws as are the citizens of nations (if not more so), the truth is quite different!

The truth is that each and every step along Hawaii's path from sovereign and independent nation, to annexed territory, to state, was done in violation of laws and treaties then in effect, without regard to the wishes of the Hawaiian people. Many people, including President Grover Cleveland, opposed the annexation of Hawaii.

But in the end, simple greed and military interest overrode any concerns or moral right and legality. Hawaii's legitimate government was toppled using threat of American military force. Hawaii was stolen from her people for the benefit of wealthy American plantation owners and military interests, and the justifications for the crime were invented after-the-fact.

Read more: whatreallyhappened.com http://whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/HAWAII/hawaii.php#ixzz3UITCgiQy

Perpetuated in Righteousness

Inspired from our very own state motto "Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka Aina I Ka Pono".

Lyrics by Maraena Lefiti

Song/Produced by: Aj Filoialii


Perpetuated In Righteousness- Maraena Lefiti by rubytogiai