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September 22, 2014


** I would love to know about careers, interests or hobbies you would be willing to share with our class this year. Mr. Miller and I will be looking for experts to share about topics we are using for the Projects we doing this year. Please let me know if you have areas you would be willing to share with us!

**The Road Runner Rally is quickly approaching and we need your help! Each brought home supplies to help raise money for the fun activities we want to do for them this year at Cumberland Road. I hope that you will help your student to take part in this and feel proud of the work they are doing to help their school. There will be more information to come from our PTO but please let me know if you have any questions!

Change the Play-Week 3

This week's challenge is H2Go!

You can visit to see what we are doing or to sign up your whole family for Change the Play!

Star of the Week:

Students will begin to take turns as the Star of the Week! I can't wait to celebrate each one of them and the uniqueness they bring to our class. A folder will be sent home on the Thursday BEFORE your child's week. This has a letter for you and all the information you will need to help them.

Here our are stars for September:


29- Keshawn

Related Arts

Monday: Music

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: Computer

Thursday: P.E.

Friday: Music

**Library is every Monday!

What Are We Up To In Room 115?


This week we will finish our unit about the properties of addition and subtraction and really understand how these functions work together. Students will be receiving a study guide on Wednesday and will be tested on Friday.


We are continuing with personal narratives but will also be working on new reading skills. Students will be using their books to find moments when the characters have a memory or aha moment. We will try to figure out why these are important and the author's purpose for including them.


Students have begun to draft their personal narratives and share ideas with one another. Our focus this week will be on making catchy leads and adding sensory details to draw the reader into the story.

Social Studies

Students will begin to explore the purpose of communities and why citizens are important to a community.

Word Work

This week the students will begin to have vocabulary words to study. They will only have 5 words each week and it will be words that I have seen used incorrectly in their writing on a regular basis. Students will also be expected to know how to use these words in their writing correctly. Please look for their words to come home during the week to study and practice with.

Katelyn Nussbaum

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