lexi glasscock 7/ Ms. green


tundra food web

In the Tundra Food Web the herbivores who depend on the producers for survival are the Pikas, Musk Ox, Caribous Lemmings and Arctic Hares. They are the first consumers and they are found above the producers in the food pyramid. In the Tundra Food Web the carnivores who eat the herbivores are the Arctic Foxes and Brown Bears. Here the Brown Bears are Omnivores. They are the second order consumers and are found above the herbivores in a food pyramid. In the Tundra Food web Arctic Foxes are eaten by Arctic Wolves, Polar Bears, and Snowy Owls. These animals form the third order consumers. These animals are found above the second order consumers in the food pyramid. The Brown Bears are not eaten by any carnivore unless Man kills them for fur. Man is the top carnivore in the Tundra Food Web, as he kills all the animals and birds for food. He is the top of the food web.