October Begins!

Cool weather and cool KIDS!!


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BMX and ANTI-Bullying Message by John, Ben and Jack

On Monday we had two professional BMX bikers, Zane and Kyle come to our school. They taught us about bike safety and showed us tricks. They told us not to try them at home. They did really cool tricks and some of the tricks included were front flips, back flips, corks, and bar spins! They taught us always to wear your helmet because if you do not wear your helmet you could get seriously hurt and it will not be GOOD. They taught us the three R's to fight against bullying--they are RESPOND, RESPECT and REPORT!
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Good things to SAY!

By Gage, and Michael

Today, Ms. Weber taught us about bullying. Bullying is not only physical but is also emotional. For example, calling people names is mean. People remember being bullied for the rest of their lives. Also, we got on our Chrome Books and we all said nice things to each other and created our classroom heart.


Our first BIG test!- Science is REAL

Science is REAL

We studied hard and took our first major test today!! Lot's of great studying and learning!

Hopefully we will have great results! We learned about what makes GOOD Science!

Observing, Inferring and Predicting! We did an investigation and it was fun!! We reported on our investigation with an oral report!

They Might Be Giants - Science is Real (official TMBG video)

Science Investigation #1

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Book Fair by Zi Rui

This week we had the Scholastic Book Fair at our school. We went with our Language Arts Class. I bought three books, Mockingjay, The Last Olympian and Fear Factor. I like going to the bookfair and getting books! It was fun and there were a lot of books I had never seen before!

GCF and LCM by Hailey and Monserrat

This week we worked on Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple. It was great to know about divisibility and prime factorization--this helped us get the GCF and the LCM. We played FUN games-one of them had us click the correct answer and we got MONEY! We wish it was real--except when we got a question wrong they took money away! BOOOO!
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Types of Government by Christian

In History class we are learning about types of governments. Two of these types of governments are, dictatorships and republics. Dictatorships are governments where only ONE person rules over the entire country. All people need to do whatever the dictator says. A Republic is a government where you vote for representatives and then they represent you in the government. We have a democratic republic!