Ancient Egypt

By: Michael Ciance


People in ancient Egypt wanted to look beautiful. The men wore skirts and the women wore dresses. They wore lots of jewelry and makeup. The jewelry was usually made of rocks.

Peoples Looks

People loved their looks. Men wore skirts and women wore dresses, and both wore makeup. Children usually did not wear clothes until they were teenagers because it was so hot there they did not need them.


Egyptians were one of the first civilizations to invent writing. Their writing was called hieroglyphics which they wrote with for different reasons. They jobs, record keeping, and writing on tomb walls because the writing had magical powers.


In war, ancient Egypt used ranged and melee weapons. Some of the melee weapons were daggers, clubs, maces, knives, swords, and axes. The ranged weapons were javelins, bows and arrows, and spears.


In ancient Egypt, people thought that writing was invented Thoth, the god of writing. Hieroglyphics were invented around 3100 bce. People wrote on papyrus, temples, obelisks, and sculptures.


People who farmed were poor people. It was very hard to grow crops sometimes because it would be drought season or flooding season. They did not need to add fertilizer though because each year the Nile River flooded and gave the land new soil.


People in Egypt were very skilled in crafts. Craftsman worked in big shops owned by the pharaoh or great temples. Their crafts were glass-making, pottery, gold working, and stone carvings. The craftsman's tools were made of stones, bronze, and copper.


Egyptian people really loved art. Most of their art were inside temples interiors. People got their inspiration from nature.

Items For Every Day Life

Ancient Egyptians had many every day life items. Some of the items we use today. Examples are lock and keys, comb, scissors, wigs, makeup, toothbrush and toothpaste, and deodorants.


People in ancient Egypt wore makeup everyday. People said that makeup had a magical healing power. The eyeliner they wore was usually green from copper or black from lead.


Ancient Egyptians believed in a lot of gods. The sun god, Ra, was most important because he took his daily passage through the sky everyday. When people died, they went to the underworld called the duat. When people went to the duat, they were looked after by the god of the underworld, Osiris.


The pharaohs were the leaders in ancient Egypt. Each pharaoh was know to be a "son of the gods of the heavens." Pharaohs never let their hair be seen so they wore a crown or headset called a nemes.


People in invented many items that we use today. Some inventions were cement, 365 day calender and 24 hour day, painting on plaster, the board game Senet, and curing meath and preserving food with natron and sodium bicarbonate.

Monuments and Temples

People in ancient Egypt built many amazing monuments and temples. Now they are known around the world. Some of them are the Pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx, and the Luxor Temple.


People in ancient Egypt did not have a big variety of food. Some food people ate were bread, grains, and raw fish which was sun dried. People only ate meat on special occasions.