The Beatles

Discretion,history,key people,and interesting facts


~John Lennon:bowl head hair cut, shaggy hair, wears glasses

~ George Harrison: long brown hair, mustache,

~ Ringo Starr:short gray hair, gray mustache

~ Paul McCartney:rink-ally skin, light brown hair


John Lennon met Paul McCartney when they were in skiffle groups. John Lennon was shot by mark David. In 1988 The Beatles were inducted into the hall of fame

Influential/key people

John Lennon, died at age 40.

Paul McCartney 72 years old ,

George Harrison died at age 58 ,

Ringo Starr 74 years old,

and parlaphone(which is the recording company for the Beatles)

Interesting facts

~ the Beatles have 7 Grammy awards

~ the Beatles had 6 diamonds

~ the Beatles also 42 gold albums in the us

~ after john Lennon said "the Beatles are more popular then Jesus" the band suffered from religious groups in the us.