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A Leader

Eric Shelton of Texas is a professional businessman and owner of a well servicing company in the energy industry around Texas. What Eric has learned during his many years in this prestigious leadership position is that being a leader is something that takes time and experience to be good at. Eric says that in his time he has learned that the best leaders do not tell someone how to do something, they demonstrate it. Eric says that earning the respect of your followers as well as their admiration is the most efficient way to act as a leader.

Eric Shelton of Texas - Staying Ambitious

Eric Shelton of Texas is a professional businessman and president of his own well servicing company that operates in the energy industry. Eric as a professional has experienced much success throughout the length of his career, something he says is the result of hard work and dedication. Eric says that there is nothing on this Earth that cannot be accomplished with a little elbow grease and a lot of determination.

Eric says that everyone has a dream or a goal, an ambition that keeps them moving forward every day. However, these same people become their own worst enemy, creating their own obstacle getting in the way of their own dream. They do this in the form of doubt, lack of focus, and misdirection. Eric says that everyone on the planet more or less is born with the same amount of energy, but it is how they allocate and use that energy that determines how successful they become.

Eric Shelton Texas says that surprisingly, one of the factors that prevents success in any industry is that the individual loses focus, as well as their own ambition. Sometimes people become complacent with their lives, satisfied with the mediocrity that they have achieved because it is comfortable. Eric says that this complacency is a death sentence for the businessman, and something that should be avoided at all costs.

Eric Shelton of Texas believes that ambition is the one thing that nobody can take away from you, which is why you should cherish it so much. Eric says that ambition has raised people up from near death to becoming some of the most wealthy and successful people on the planet. Eric says that ambition is the driving force for all of human society, and will lead us into the future.

Eric Shelton of Texas: Inspire Others

Eric Shelton of Texas is a professional businessman and owner of a well servicing company that operates within the energy industry. Eric is more than a leader and president of the company however, and takes his management position very seriously. Eric says that the key to being a good manager isn't just about good leadership skills, but about inspiring others to do well, and even better than yourself. Eric says that inspiration is something that comes randomly in your life, striking you without warning. Eric says that this very inspiration is something that may not be able to be bottled and sold necessarily, but can be harnessed and the experience can be explained to others, allowing for the inspiration to flow over. Eric says that you can inspire others through many mediums, whether it be giving a speech or by your actions. Eric says that though actions tend to be more powerful, that a good speech can be nearly as impactful, especially in an office scenario. Eric says that there is nothing quite like a good pep talk in the morning that will really get your team up and running and ready to cease the day.

Eric Shelton of Texas believes that inspiration is what propels action, and that nothing is done without a little prod in the right direction. Living by this philosophy has allowed for Eric to implement many strategies that center on motivating his employees, as they are the heart and soul of the company. Eric says that if more businesses did this they would experience immediately more success than previously. Your company can only be as good as its least happy employee. Eric says that you should always weed out the weakest link, because their influences may spread.

Eric Shelton of Texas - A Coach

As someone who was once a successful coach, Eric Shelton of Texas says that success often comes from within. Over the years, Eric has won numerous recognition for his many impressive achievements as a high school basketball coach. It seems that no matter which school Eric had attended, success in their athletics programs was sure to follow shortly after. When asked what the secret is to his success, Eric offers a number of guide lines for coaching success. First and foremost Eric says, is establishing a strong work ethic in your team. Eric says that nothing can be achieved without a bit of dedication and lots of sweat, which is why he focuses the first weeks of his program to heavy conditioning to develop the player’s mental and physical toughness. Eric still helps and volunteers his time with coaching a 5th and 6th grade boys’ team in the town he lives in.

One of the most vital tools of a good coach, says Eric Shelton of Texas, is to lead by example. Eric says that his players always react better to his requests when he participates with them, especially when it comes to conditioning. Eric says the participation with his players not only inspires them, but is a great way for he himself to stay in shape. One of the last bits of advice Eric offers when speaking of coaching techniques, is the old saying 'Confidence is Key.' Eric says that getting your players comfortable with your plays and offensive and defensive strategies are what helps win games, and that you must build their confidence. Though building your players confidence can take time, once you have achieved it, they will be able to add their own situational adaptations to a set program, which Eric says is the point where an offense or defense can really shine.
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Eric Shelton of Texas - Traveling for Pleasure

Eric Shelton of Texas is an entrepreneur and seasoned businessman who works in the oil and energy

industry. He has acquired a set of skills and expertise over the years that make him a valuable asset in his field. When not running his successful business, Eric Selton says that he loves to travel, and has always taken an interest in seeing the world even when he was a child. Eric says that traveling can be exciting, and can give you a chance to learn and grow. He says that the world is full of so many cultures and landscapes, plus people have varying ideologies. He enjoys going abroad whenever possible.

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Some smartphone companies charge an arm and a leg for international roaming, data and messaging, which can make staying connected very costly. T-Mobile added global data coverage in over 100 countries at no extra cost to their Simple Choice plan. Here are a few of their safety tips that Eric Shelton found invaluable while traveling the world.

First step is to sign up for STEP, a service that gives you up-to-date information on travel advisories in every part of the world. Then email someone your itinerary while you will be gone. Always keep your money in a few separate spots. Make sure to scan your passport in case it's stolen, so you can get back home. Lastly, please be very careful giving charity on the streets.

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A Few Things to Learn When Buying a Ranch

Being a rancher is a lot of work but it also fun and enjoyable. However owning a ranch is a great responsibility and buying a ranch may be an even larger responsibility. There are many things to consider and understand when buying a ranch. Here are a few things you should find out when buying a ranch.

• Found out how many animals the property you are about to purchase can hold. Often the buyer will overestimate how many animals the land can own, and the seller will exaggerate the number of animals the land has held in the past. To get the most accurate information, visit the local Natural Resources Conservation Service offices.

• Figure out exactly how much time the ranch work will take you per day. Most buyers go into ranching with a mindset that the work will take care of itself. Animals need a lot of care though, and there are plenty of challenges to owning a large property. On average, small ranches require at least 20 hours of labor per week.

• Do research in advance when buying livestock. Most new buyers pay too much money and buy poor quality livestock. That is why you should ask for outside help and do plenty of research to ensure that you know how much to pay and what you should buy.

Eric Shelton runs his families ranch in Texas. He is responsible for the logistics of the ranch and taking care of the livestock. In January of 2015, he and his business partner founded Lone Camp Energy Services, LLC in Santo, Texas.

Best Hiking In Texas

Texas is a huge giant, and its terrain is diverse. The hiking trails are incredible in Texas, and you will have plenty of choices to make regarding the type of hiking you want to do. You could go to the mountains and push yourself, or you can go on a flatter hike through areas densely populated by trees. Here are three of the best places to go hiking in Texas.

  • Sam Houston National Forest is home to the 128-mile Lone Star Hiking Trail. The trail starts in Huntsville, Texas and takes you through 4 different counties. You could try to do the hike in one go, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s best to experience the entire trail in multiple trips.
  • Colorado Bend State Park is located in Bend, Texas. The park is home to 32 total miles of trails that takes you through the beautiful state park. You will see hills, the famed Gorman Falls, canyons and waterfalls with up to a 60-foot drop. This one of Texas’ most beautiful and lush areas to hike in.
  • Garner State Park is located in Concan, Texas and is home to 11 total miles of hiking trails. The area is known for its scenic views and rocky hill terrain. Most of the trails will take to outlooks over the Frio River and the wild terrain that makes up this beautiful state park.

Eric Shelton Texas is a native to Texas and grew up in Colleyville just outside of Fort Worth. He is the co-founder and President of Lone Camp Energy Services, LLC in Santo, Texas. In his free time, he enjoys spending time in the outdoors. One of his favorite outdoor activities is hiking.

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