Exodus To Kansas!

ALL COLORED PEOPLE,leave the South for good!

Join the Great Exodus!

With the reconstruction period at a close, and racial oppression continuing to grow again, head to Kansas! There, you can be free from discrimination and harshness because of the color of your skin! In fact, anyone looking to start a new life can come!

Claim your own land!

Through the Homestead Act, anyone over 21 could claim land for themselves, or their families! All that you have to do is pay a small filing fee of $10, and improve the land for 5 years, and then you will receive the title to the land! The land is cheap, the soil is good, and there are lots of trees! A perfect place to start a new life as a free man!

Leaving Soon!

Leaving on May 27th of 1879!

Hitch a ride on a steamboat that will take you to Kansas! Once you arrive, Governor John Saint John's Freedman's Relief Organization will help locate you to a cities in the state that is perfect for you and your family's new lives!