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South Beach Smoke E Cigarette has Awful Batteries!!

Hello I am a man of my words. I say so because I always do what I say. Some of my colleagues don’t like me because of this reason. I guess I am too straight forward. But I can’t help it. I can’t change myself. I am what I am. Well, this habit turned out to be a tremendous loss for me. It was because this straight forward nature compelled me to say harshly to my best friend. It has been around 1 month he is still not talking to me.

Well, apart from this habit, I do have another habit and that is vaping e cigarette. The only brand I vape is South Beach Smoke. When the first time I used South Beach Smoke, I was hoping the batteries would change my experience. The SuperMax name sounded intriguing, and I was curious if there was more than branding behind it. The electronic cigarette reviews that were present over the internet were just is a big plus for me as it changed my mind. But that’s not all; while most KR808Ds are regulated at 3.7 volts, South Beach Smoke upped the power of its devices to 4.2 volts, which, depending on the resistance of the cartomizers, makes vapor hotter and requires less draw to produce an equivalent volume of vapor. 3.7 volts is my sweet spot.

The “supercharged” SuperMax batteries of South Beach Smoke were simply amazing. Though I have tried a number of brands earlier, I never found such a battery like that of this brand. The reason I tried them is that they are very simple. Today I definitely consider South Beach Smoke as the most faithful brands among all. I have recommended my friends to try this brand as I consider this brand as the best electronic cigarette among all.

Actually my friend was using a local brand that was not at all durable. In spite of telling him many times, he didn’t listen. So, I had to say him directly that he always looked for cheap things. But after my recommendation, he tried it and he is highly satisfied. He himself called me up and we are now best friends again.