Friday Focus

April 15th, 2016


Thanks to all for being quiet and respectful during PARCC testing. So far, it's going great! Our students are proud to show off what they know!

Our first and second graders and chorus members rocked out another great performance last night. Way to go Anne and teachers for the awesome presentation.

Thank you all so much for getting report cards in on time. It's very much appreciated!

Congratulations to Lisa Pietrzyk! She accepted the district-level Behavioral Specialist position. Our search for an LBS for Meadowview will begin soon!

Also, as an FYI, Janet will be moving back to resource and Linda will move to the 1/2 bilingual split classroom at the beginning of the 2016/2017 school year.

Reader's Notebook

With the implementation of reading workshop this school year came the exciting opportunity for our students to use a reading notebook. There is not one right way to use the notebook, but often times they will include responses to a variety of texts in the form of connections, questions, inferences, summaries, or other reflections. Notebooks really are an engaging way for our students to grow as readers. The goal of the notebook is for students to have a place to gather and develop their thinking as they read.

Students need to be explicitly taught how to use their notebook. This should be modeled during your mini-lesson. As you model various ways to use the notebook, keep a "Ways to Respond to Reading" class chart going so students have a place to refer to for ideas.

To begin, you might require all students to use the same strategy each day in their notebook and then release that responsibility of choice over to your students.

Here are some ideas for using the notebook:

-Students might add charts/ideas you create in mini-lessons to the notebook for reference.

-At the beginning of each week students can set a reading goal (read fluently, summarize at the end of each page, make and check predictions, use my decoding strategies for unknown words, etc.) for the week. On Friday, they can self assess their progress towards their goal.

-Students might keep a "Books I Want to Read" list.

-During a lesson about character traits you can model how to use a web graphic organizer to describe characters. As your students go off to read they are creating their own webs for the characters in their independent reading. Students can also be shown how to add text evidence to the web to justify why they chose that trait.

-If students are learning to question as they read, they might track their questions on sticky notes. Then, they can choose one question they really want to think more deeply about and write more about it. They can use this writing in a discussion with a partner.

-Students can be taught to create various graphic organizers to use for different text structures and use the graphic organizers in their notebook. They can use the information collected to summarize key ideas with a partner.

-Primary teachers might want to create mailing labels with questions or prompts on them (3 new facts I learned are..., Draw a picture of the beginning, middle, and end of the story., etc.). Students can simply stick them on their next blank page and respond in pictures or words as they read.

If you're finding students are spending too much time to write in their notebooks, you might want to make the last 5-10 minutes each day a time for them to write in their notebooks. Some teachers also only allow students to write Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and use Tuesday and Thursday as partner or whole group discussion days where the writing in the notebooks is shared.

A great idea for reviewing notebooks is to have a rotating schedule for students to turn them in. This way, you are regularly looking through their notebooks to find strengths and weaknesses which can then drive your conferring with students.

Check out more sample reading notebook pages here:

If you would like more ideas on how to use the reading notebook, please see Liz.

Coming Up...

For collaboration purposes, it's a A week.

Monday, April 18th


Monday Meeting (Certified Staff Only)

Board of Education Meeting, 7:30pm, JJH

Tuesday, April 19th


Admin Meeting (Reg out in AM)

Reg out in PM for WESS Negotiations

Wednesday, April 20th


Meadowview Team Painting Party

Thursday, April 21st


Friday, April 22nd

6th Grade Step Up Day (AM)

Mark Your Calendars...

Saturday, April 23rd - Young Authors

Monday, April 25th - Monday Meeting (Certified Staff)

Tuesday, April 26th - Book Fair

Wednesday, April 27th - Friday Schedule

Wednesday, April 27th - Book Fair

Wednesday, April 27th - Administrative Professionals Day

Thursday, April 28th - Book Fair

Thursday, April 28th - Open House/Ice Cream Social, 6:30-8:00pm

Friday, April 29th - No School, Inservice

Wednesday, April 27th - First Grade Field Trip to Zoo

Band Tour Dates...

Monday, May 2nd, SYB Tour #1

8:30AM at Willow Creek

10:00AM at Sipley

1:15PM at Meadowview

Tuesday, May 3rd SYB Tour #2

8:30AM at Goodrich

10:00AM at Murphy

1:15PM at Edgewood

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