The Irish Genocide

By Callahan Dooley

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There was a famine in Ireland that killed a lot of the the potato crops in 1844 through 1845. more then one million people died from starvation and some even moved out of the country. great Britain did not help the Irish with the famine. that then caused the revolutionary's to gain more support for there cause and in a way broke away from England.
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These days they have memorials for the famine. they are not the nicest looking statues they show the grief and starvation of the people at the time.

Great Britain tried to show it as the Irish did not think or plan for this and did not change there farming styles.

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One is from the side of the Irish that England did not come to there aid they just left them there to starve.

Then the other is the side of England where they blame the Irish for not being prepared them self's and not planning for it.

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How the Irish revolutionaries saw the famine they consider it a genocide and it supported there cause even more.

England said it was a famine and if the Irish could not survive why should they stay on there little island. so they thought of it as natural selection.

potato famine