CAMP Pretty & Poised is open NOW!


I'm thrilled to announce that CAMP Pretty & Poised is now open.

CAMP Pretty & Poised serves pre-teens and teens during a highly impressionable time in their lives. The girls are sweet, yet sensitive. They're confident on the outside and unsure on the inside. Pretty & Poised knows the junior high years can be a challenge. We're here to equip our young women and to make building self-confidence fun!

CAMP Pretty & Poised is the only workshop of its type in Chicagoland. Or anywhere, for that matter.

Let’s me show you just a couple of the things we've packed into CAMP:

  • 12+ hours of teen-approved activities. The experiences woven into CAMP meet the needs of the girls where they are now. We learn to make new friends, gather the skills to make great first impressions, and build loads of practical skills. We'll play with food (and not leave a mess in your kitchen)! We'll create practical artworks. We might even dance a bit or show off our talents.
  • Questions she doesn't even know she has will be answered. There are five different learning styles. CAMP Pretty & Poised meets our girls at the point of her needs & preferred manner of learning. Is your teen interested in makeup? We'll help her learn how to apply it in age-appropriate ways. And show her how to cover those sudden blemishes! The best way to condition her hair? We'll let her know! How to pull together a killer outfit (that looks effortless)? Check. Five years has taught us a lot about what the girls want. And what they don't. We keep the class moving forward rapidly, while still giving plenty of time for conversations and reflection.
  • Not one, but TWO photo shoots. Poise doesn't come from reading a book or listening to lectures on the finer points of posing. Poise comes from practicing with purpose. We take photos. LOTS of photos! Together we laugh, we try new things, we expand and grow in a safe and supportive environment.

Plus, we’ve also included special CAMP-only activities. Warm & fuzzies, flashlight counselor hide & seek, and more. We're going to heat things up for the teen girls of Dupage county!

But, if you’re interested you need to act quickly.

CAMP Pretty & Poised closes once all 40 spots are filled.

This email is going to over 220 families. Don't hesitate! I'd hate to see your daughter left out in the cold for this one.