Ups & Downs

  • By the laws of physics, roller coasters must have ups and down to work. Otherwise they wouldn't be fun! Investing has lots of ups and downs too. You may be happy with your investment one day, and another day you might regret ever getting on the ride!


  • There are many roller coasters out in the world. They also have different types; some are for little kids and some are for grown adults. Same with investing, there are many different things people can invest in. Some investments are exactly for you, and some are not what people are looking for.


  • Many people consider roller coasters are very risky, not physically, but mentally. Lots of little kids often freak out before they get on the ride. They don't know if they want to go on the coaster or stay behind. Same with investing; people don't know if investing in a curtain stock or fund is a good thing for them. The investment might make them lose money or make money.