E-Staff Weekly for 9/28/14

Panther P.R.O.U.D.

Volunteer Tea Luncheon

On October 1st our annual Volunteer Tea Luncheon will take place in the library. Please remember to arrive promptly to begin planning the school year with your homeroom coordinators. One of the many strengths of our school is spirit of volunteerism. If you have willing parents to assist with "managerial" types of activities, please use them!

Upcoming Dates

October 1 - Faculty Meeting @ 3:50pm in the library

October 2 - Principal's Council @ 3:50pm in the conference room

October 3 - Lockdown Drill @ 2:00pm

October 3 - Kid Stuff Books due back to school (Please remind your parents of this date)

Parent Visitation Days

  1. Parents/Family Members are required to sign in. We will have documentation of all custody issues so they are followed appropriately. All checked-in guests will have a colored wristband. Each day will be a different color.
  2. All staff will park in the back lot (Callowhill Road side).
  3. If a visitor doesn't have a wristband, please notify the office immediately.
  4. Parents/Family Members are to visit during the schedule times only. An announcement will be made for our guests to leave the school campus the event is over.
  5. I will be checking each classroom to make sure our guests have left the campus.

Fall Festival Planning

This year’s Fall Festival and Halloween Parade will continue to be a fun-filled event for our students. However, due to the increased security measures, the following will be implemented:

  • The Fall Festival Parade and Parties will happen on Friday, October 31st.
  • The parade route will form in the school.
  • There will be one parade entry and exit point from the building for students/staff.
  • Parade observers will be asked to remain within the boundary areas.Homeroom parents and 2-4 additional volunteers will be allowed to assist teachers during the party. A sign-in table will be located in the main lobby.
  • Any parents dressing up are asked not to cover their face.
  • A more detailed staff memo will be sent a week prior to the event taking place.

Happy Birthday to You!

Cathy Cush - October 12

Donna Costigan - October 18

Kendall Jones - October 29

What's Your Why?

Kim Mulloy - Librarian

Teaching is a second career for me. I worked in business for several years before staying home with my children. As I thought about my career choices after my children were older, I realized that I wanted to make a positive impact on people’s lives. I wanted people to feel that knowing me has benefited them on a personal level.

I feel so fortunate that I chose a special field as a librarian. I have the opportunity to work with so many students. And since I work with the children for several years, I am able to see their growth. I also have the opportunity to work with siblings or cousins and see how the children fit in with their family. Not only do I work with the students, but often parents will discuss book choices with me. I truly feel that during their elementary childhood, I have the opportunity to make a difference in their lives.

Ken Ehrmann - Grade 5

My why is the kids, it’s all about the kids. Ever since I told my mom I wanted a younger brother or sister (which I never got) I have dreamed and desired influencing and mentoring younger minds. Mr. Cashman, my sixth grade teacher, was my inspiration to be a teacher. Children only get so many elementary teachers, I come to work every day trying to make one of those teachers memorable for my students. I want them to believe in themselves, believe in education, and learn to trust a complete stranger. Everyone needs love and trust in their life, and they need it from outside their family. Kids need to learn that they can trust a complete stranger so that they will continue to make life-long friends when they leave us. They need to believe in themselves and education so they can be successful when they leave us.

Heather Meiners - Grade 1

I love the heart of a child! In the wrong hands a child can be ruined from an early age. I hate that! I teach because I value each child for who they are at that very moment. Not who they will become but who they are right now. My desire is to build into that child at that moment in time. I want to build each child’s self-esteem so they see themselves in the best possible light; recognizing how truly spectacular they are. I teach because I can honestly see that incredible person and point it out to them, help them shine brighter and allow their unique characteristics to positively impact the rest of their life. I let them know how important they are and that they are loved unconditionally. I teach because children need someone to be their cheerleader, their coach, and their advocate. I will be that person. Each child is my WHY. Because I love the heart of a child!

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