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Happenings in Mrs. Paluch's Class!

September 19, 2016

In ELA a big focus for us this past month has been characters; their traits, motivations and actions. When developing a character in a story writers need to figure out what traits, feelings and motivations their character is going to have. We did an activity to think about ourselves as a character. I had the kids think of one word (trait) that would describe themselves. I then had them think about what motivates them, what do they believe in, a belief statement. We then went to the computer lab and I had the kids google quotes for kids and had them find a quote that said something that they believe in. The finished product came out great! The kids love reading them and the quotes they picked out are truly inspirational!

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Curriculum Information

ELA- (English/Language Arts)

Unit 1 Module A

The story we will be reading this week is- Thundercake

Reading Essential Question: How do readers understand characters’ motivations and the effects of their actions?

Writing Essential Question: How do writers write about characters and show the sequence of events in a story? (Narrative Writing)

Focus This Week:

  • Learn how characters change in response to a sequence of events. In this story it shows how different characters respond to various events.
  • Learn how characters' actions affect the sequence of events in the story.
  • Analyze how parts of a story build on each other.
  • We will compare and contrast Thundercake and The Case of the Gasping Garbage. We will analyze how characters act to identify problems and how they are motivated to find solutions.

Foundational Skills:

  • Base Words and Endings- Ex., hop is the base word, hop is a one-syllable word, has a short vowel sound, so you need to double the 'p' and add -ing or -ed, hopping, hopped.


  • Provide a sense of closure to our writing. In a narrative story the problem that was introduced at the beginning of the story will need to be resolved or wrapped up. We will think of interesting ways to end our narratives.
  • This week kids will draft their first story on their own. They will choose a character, setting, problem and solution that we came up with in our writers notebook.


  • Identify the functions of verbs
  • Irregular verbs- past, present, future


This week in math we will focus on:

  • Adding 3-digit numbers. We will estimate the answer first and then solve it
  • Add 4-digit numbers
  • Problem-Solving: Reasonable Answers
  • Chapter 2 Test on Thursday

This Week's Homework:

Monday 9/19- 2.7

Tuesday 9/20- 2.8

Wednesday 9/21- 2.9

Thursday 9/22- None


Investigating More Magnetic Properties

  • Two magnets attract or repel when they interact. We will discuss the magnetic force.
  • We will see how magnets interact with other objects. Kids will explore and see if they can make a temporary magnet out of an object that contains iron.
  • Can magnetic force go through materials?

Social Studies

  • We are still working on our Map and Globe book.
  • We will learn about the 7 Continents and 5 Oceans.

Important Dates

  • Monday, Sept. 19- Food Drive Starts!
  • Thursday, Sept 22- Panther Fitness Challenge Packets Due!!
  • Friday, Sept. 23- Teacher Institute Day No School
  • Friday, Sept. 27- Final Day for Food Drive