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April 2023

As part of the celebration of National Poetry month, Burbank students are encouraged to participate in the poetry contests held in the Burbank library during the month of April. Students have the opportunity to create up to four different poems for consideration. Winners will be given prizes like gift cards, journals, pens, and an invitation to the pizza on the patio party in May. Any student who submits an entry will get a free book. Details can be found in this slide show.

Spine Poetry

Using books from a library, bookstore, or other source, create a poem from the titles on the spine reading from top to bottom.

Must use between 3-10 books.

To submit entry, take a picture of the poem and submit it via Google form or by email to Mrs. De Waelsche.

Blackout Poetry

Using a page from a discarded book, create a poem by selecting certain words and phrases from the page. You can black out the rest of the text or highlight the selected text in some form.

Poem should not exceed the use of a single


To submit, turn in completed poem to Mrs. De Waelsche in the library.

Magnetic Poetry

Using the words available on the magnetic board in the library or from the online link, create a poem.

Poem should fit on the board in the library and/or be no more than 25 lines.

To submit: take a picture of the completed poem and submit via Google form or email.

For the online version, email a copy of the poem to Mrs. De Waelsche.

Original Poem

Write an original poem of no more than 25 lines. Poem can be in any format. Poem may rhyme but it is not required.

Poem may be typed or handwritten, but must be legible.

Submit poem via Google form, email, or turn in to the library.

District Poetry Slam

Online Poetry Resources

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Be a top reader and earn a pizza party!

Use the Beanstack app in Class Link and log minutes any time you read and you may earn a pizza party on the patio in May! See the video below on how to log your minutes. You can log minutes for reading anything - books, magazines, articles, etc.

Get a FREE BOOK after you've logged 30 minutes. Get additional books for each hour logged after that!

Pizza on the Patio
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Library, Lab, & Room Reservations

The library is open and available for class visits and book check-outs. Please click the link to the form below and you can schedule your classes. Mrs. De Waelsche is happy to assist you with any research projects as well as collaborative lessons.

There is one Mac lab available this year. You will use the form below to make a reservation. You are limited to four consecutive days for each reservation.

There are extra rooms available to reserve in the library this year. You can reserve the research room (24 students), conference room (8), makerspace (20) or the library (28+).

View the calendars to check availability.

Library, Lab, Room Reservation

Click here to make a reservation to visit the library, lab, or reserve a room.

Poster Printing & Lamination

There is a poster printer available, but all printing is done by Mrs. De Waelsche. Teachers are limited to 5 large "sheets" each year which is the equivalent of about 10 normal posters or 20 medium sized posters. (See Poster Guidelines below)

Please allow at least one week for your request. Teachers are responsible for cutting and laminating posters.

The laminator is only turned on by request (email or call 32023) and takes about 20 minutes to heat up. It will only be unlocked by Mrs. De Waelsche or Ms. Mascorro and can only be used during the school day or immediately after school.

Chromebook Reminders

Chromebook Checkouts: It takes about 48- 72 hours after a student first registers before they have been provided an email address. This is required before they can check out a Chromebook. Students that still have a device that has not been returned needs to bring it in or have the lost affidavit completed by a parent or guardian before they can be issued another device.

Students that have had more than one device replaced must pay a fine and the student and a parent or guardian must complete an online Chromebook care course.

Chromebook Troubleshooting

Device won't connect to Domode wireless or is asking for a password.

Powerwash the device. Press Ctr+Alt+Shift+R. Go through the prompts. Connect to the Guest wifi when it asks to connect. Once the process is complete, it should automatically connect to Domode. This also works with some keyboard and touchpad issues.

Device won't power on

Press and hold the refresh key and power button for about 10 seconds. Release and then hit the power button.

Device is locked
Send student to the library with the device and a pass.

App is missing
Any apps associated with a class such as a textbook are tied to the student's schedule. If a student has a schedule change, it can take 48-72 hours before it will appear within ClassLink. If needed, you can enter a support ticket within class link in the SAISD Support folder and open the "SAISD ClassLink Support Portal".

Student doesn't know their login
Look them up in the student account manager or Frontline. Passwords are almost always their first initial as a capital letter, then last initial lower case, followed by their ID number. (e.g. Jd123456) You can reset passwords as needed and it will show you the password once the process is complete.

Student forgot their device
Student can borrow one from the library in exchange for their cellphone. Teachers may not check out extra devices this year. Call parents to let them know their device is needed daily.

About the Librarian

Jennifer De Waelsche has been a librarian with SAISD for eleven years. This is her seventh year at Burbank High School. Before coming to SAISD, she taught speech, debate, yearbook, and English for Hereford ISD in the Texas Panhandle. She is passionate about technology and is happy to work with teachers and students that want to integrate more technology. She is also a competitive Scrabble player and loves to ride roller coasters (199 so far).

She is the recipient of the SAISD Foundation Inspire Award in 2015 and a member of the Texas Library Association TALL Texans Class for 2016. She is an active member of the Texas Library Association and actively presents at local and state library conferences. She was voted Teacher of the Year for Burbank High School for the 19-20 school year.