Robotics 2.0

TPSF Summer Academy Weeks 2 & 3: They're ALIVE!

July 6, 2018

We have chassis!

At the start of week 2, all teams were well into building chassis and thinking about lifts and launchers. As the week went on, chassis were tested and revised to suit the new challenge of parking up on a platform. This created a new set of issues which were creatively tackled by every team. Clearance seems to be the key.

Lifts and Launchers, Oh MY!

The main focus of week 3 was on either a lift or launcher system to integrate with the chassis. It is very fun to watch the students tackle the same challenges in such different ways. It has been an incredibly hot and exciting week for us. All teams are on the field with a functioning system, either a lift of launcher. All teams are able to score at least one point and park on the platform. The ingenuity and resourcefulness of these engineers is impressive; from anti-tilt to double intakes, they are doing great work. Please read the information about our robot showcase and come and see the amazing work they have all done next week.

Showcase on Thursday, July 12

Please join us to celebrate the learning and showcase our hard work on Thursday, July 12 at 11 am in the Orchard Hills Gym.

The schedule will be:

11:00 am to 11:15 am Opening Ceremony

11:15 am to 11:30 Debut of New Robotics Games, Drone Obstacle Course, and winner of best YouTube video tutorial

11:30 am to 12 pm

1.0 VEX IQ Next Level Scrimmage in Gym

1.5 Visit Classroom to watch Showcase videos

2.0 VEX Turning Point Scrimmage in Gym

Drone Races and Coding Challenge in Gym

12 pm to 12:30 Clean Up and End of Summer Academy

Hope to see you there!


Below are some videos of teams manipulating the game field elements. Columbus Tustin is shooting balls at the flag with their flywheels and Currie and Hewes are placing caps on the poles.

High School Mentors

The mentors have been hard at work supporting all the robotics/drones classes and continuing to set up for next year's competition season.

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