Zach's newspaper article

Tangerine by edward bloor


Paul is the main character of the book. He just moved to Tangerine, Florida with his brother Eric, his father, and his mother. Paul is sometimes scared of his big brother because he does some mean things to Paul and his friends. Eric is a guy who hangs out with the cool kids. He has a friend named Arthur who does everything with Eric and does what Eric tells him to do.


The setting takes place in Tangerine, Florida. Paul, the main character, lives in a development with his family. He goes to Tangerine Middle school.


The plot of the story starts as Paul being afraid of Eric and his friends. Paul started to not be afraid anymore when one of his friends who stood up to Eric. Paul's friends told him not to be afraid and to stand up to his big brother. Later on Paul's friends beat up Eric and Arthur. Paul ran to his backyard and then Eric and Arthur arrived. They wanted to fight Paul but Paul stood up to them and scared them off. At the end of the book Paul was no longer scared of Eric and any of his friends.


I recommend that you read this book because it tells a story about sticking up for yourself. The book was kind of sad at some parts and it even made me emotional. I think this book was a good read and I think you should read it too!

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