4th Grade Weekly Blast

News and Updates about your 4th graders week!

Hello Families!

I first wanted to start with a celebration! The 4th grade students ROCKED the Smarter Balanced Testing! It took a lot of stamina and perseverance and they did great. Way to go 4th grade! Thank you parents for sending your kids to school rested and filled with a nutritious breakfast. Below you will find all the exciting updates about this next week!

Pioneer Day Information:

In case you missed the Pioneer Day Information Meeting, I am providing some helpful information!

Volunteer!: This event cannot run without your help! If you are a great leader, I suggest you be a chairperson, and lead a volunteer group! You will be in charge of making sure all volunteer tasks are covered, and determine if volunteers will work in shifts or stay all day. There are other opportunities as well! If you can't make the commitment to be there all day, sign up for a take home task! There are many options, and you can find them at this link:


Clothing: Students are to come in costume on that day. This includes aprons, bonnets, dresses, native american dressed for the ladies, and trapper clothes, vests, military outfits, and hats for the gentlemen! You can put together an outfit by shopping your local consignment shop, or go to one of the links below to find some great costumes!





Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns regarding Pioneer Day!

Curriculum Updates

Language Arts:

  • We will continue to enjoy our reading from the diary of a girl who journeyed west on the Oregon Trail. Students have really engaged into what is happening to this girl.
  • The drafts will be back to students on Monday morning, and we will complete our final opinion draft. Unfortunately this week, we will not have access to our technology, so students will need to either hand write their final copy, or type it at home. Please let me know if there are any concerns with this part of the final draft process. This final draft will be due on Friday, May 1st.
  • We will have our final week of Greek/Latin roots this week! Students will practice their words on Spelling City, as well as complete a packet to help understand the words. Remember that students are expected to spell the 20 words, as well as provide the definition of each root, as well as provide a word with the root and its definition. The test will be on Friday, May 1st.
  • Mid Trimester AR goals are due on Friday May 1.


  • As we come to the end of our customary Measurement Unit, students will be tested on Wednesday April 29.
  • Students can continue to practice their skills using both Scootpad assignments, and IXL strands. The IXL strands that go with this unit are N.1, N.2, N.3, N.4, N.5, N.6, N.7, O.1, and O.2
  • Students will also be tested on their timed math facts on Friday, May 1.

Social Studies:

  • Westward Ho! Students have officially set off on their westward journey! We have encountered the Platte River, hunted for food, shopped at Fort Kearny, and bought a weird mystical elixir from a crazy professor! We will continue on this journey all next week. Students are expected to write a one page diary entry after each adventure. This will be started in class, and brought home if not completed in class. Please make sure you students are writing!

HOMEWORK week of April 20


Read 30 min every night

Mid Trimester goals are due on Friday May 1!





Opinion Final Draft


Monday: Practice Test

Tuesday: Practice Test Corrections

Wednesday: Test

Thursday: Math Fact Practice

Social Studies

Daily Journal Entries

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

  • April 29: Ch. 11 Math Test
  • May 1: Timed Math Test
  • May 1: Picture Day!
  • May 1: Greek/Latin Root Spelling/Vocab Test
  • May 16: Westlake Charter School 10th Anniversary Celebration!
  • May 20: Open House
  • May 25: Memorial Day No School!
  • June 11: Pioneer Day!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at: dmonroy@westlakecharter.com