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Eating vs. Not Eating Breakfast

Is The Pancake Weight Loss Program Worth It?

For my whole life, I've been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I know I am not the only one that's been told this. For years our grandparents told our parents this because they heard that breakfast was so important for them to start off the day from their parents, but is it just a myth? For generations, we may have been told a lie. I took a servey of some random students and teachers asking them Is breakfast the most important meal of the day, and this is what they had to say.

The Eating Breakfast Club

What we have been told our whole life is to eat breakfast to help energize you through your day. Later in life, Adults have eaten breakfast to help with weight loss. These facts still stand! Breakfast does energize you and gives you a kick start to your day. For students, it keeps them focused during school, gives those athletes out there more energy to exercise more, and workers more focus to get the job do faster to get home sooner. Now Im not saying that every breakfast food will energize you. You need to eat a good healthy breakfast in order for it to be the best meal of the day.

"Don't You Forget About Me" - Breakfast

Breakfast for a lot of people is a way to get energized and loss weight, but a new study shows that if you eat or don't eat breakfast, you will end up losing the same amount of weight but you might not be as energized if you don't. Lunch, Dinner, and snack time also aren't the most important meal of the day either. They are all equally important, most people just claim that they need an energy boost in the morning, especially before a workout. Those energy bars and cereals never really deliver to their full potential. But why don’t you just try working out fasted? As crazy as it may sound, you actually get more energy from working out fasted, and most of that energy will come from your fat stores. But if you really need energy, then try drinking a few cups of tea before you workout. Research is still not set in stone just like all research is, so do what makes you feel the best, gives you the most energy.
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"Eggs"actly What I Think

I believe that you should eat breakfast due to the fact that it will give you more energy and you may feel more awake. Research is still not set in stone just like all research is, so do what makes you feel the best, and what gives you the most energy. If eating breakfast doesn't work with your body, don't sweat it. Knowing breakfast isn't that import doesn't mean you should always skip it, that isn't good for your body. I mean, think of all you good food you'll be missing too! Wrapping up the recommendation, do what pleases you, what fits your schedules, and your everyday activities.