Shawnee, Oklahoma, May 19, 2013


Shawnee, Oklahoma was struck by a destructive tornado on May 19, 2013. The tornado caused severe damage to a trailer park and killed one person. Although the tornado killed only one person, it has left many homeless. What causes a tornado? Why is Okalhoma part of tornado alley? In this flyer you will learn the answers to these questions.
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What is a tornado?

A tornado is the smallest, most violent, and shortest-lived storm. A tornado is a destructive, rotating column of air that has high winds and is visible as a funnel-shaped cloud.

How to tornadoes form?

A tornado forms when a thunderstorm meets high altitude horizontal winds.

1. These winds cause the rising air in the thunderstorm to rotate.

2. A storm cloud may develop a narrow, funnel shape which may reach the ground.


5/19/2013 Shawnee, OK Wedge Tornado