Month of the Military Child

Sherwood School April 2020

Principal's Note: Support Our Military Kids!

Sherwood School is proud to celebrate the Month of the Military Child this April. We look forward to honoring our military children and coming together as an entire Sherwood Community. We have many exciting opportunities to celebrate remotely. This year's theme is, Hug a Hero! Let's paint the town purple together as we commemorate the Month of the Military Child at Sherwood School.

Panda Pride,


Purple Up Fridays!

Wear Purple EVERY Friday in April! Check the Panda Prints each week to learn about our Purple Up Friday plan for the week! Look forward to a special Purple Up Friday staff video this Friday!

A Paper Hug

Join Mrs. Filippi in this special read aloud, A Paper Hug, by Stephanie Skolmoski.

Click on the video below.

MOMC A Paper Hug April 2020

Hug a Hero Activities

Share in a Family Discussion

  • How would you feel if you were the main character?
  • What items would you pack in your “box?”
  • Who would you like to send a paper hug to? Why?
  • How can you connect to the characters in the book?
  • What questions do you have for the author?

Share Your Own Paper Hug Heart

Decorate your own paper heart to honor all the heroes in our community. Hang your heart in your window. Take a walk and admire the hearts in your neighborhood!

Hug a Hero

Complete a Hug a Hero certificate and send it digitally or through the mail to show others your appreciation and admiration!

Click & Print

Hug a Hero #1

Hug a Hero #2

Hug a Hero #3

Additional Activities!

  • Create a “family box” filled with special items!
  • Integrate math by measuring the “length of your hug!” (Measure the distance of your outstretched hands.)
  • Visit The Paper Hug Facebook page