Trends In Normal Delivery

Upcoming Trends In Normal Delivery

Maternity, labour and child birth are the pillarstones to the very progression of human life. The experience itself is heartwarming and deeply fulfilling. When it comes to ones pregnancy, all parental instincts scream for the best available treatment for the expecting mother. There is so much we want to give her, but more often than not we are confused about what is the best thing for her. This article hopes to shed some light on the do’s and donts of pregnancy & helps you in choosing the best maternity hospital for you.

ANC Registration – It is important to have an Antenatal registration in a centre that is easily accessible and well connected by all forms of transport. It is important that the centre be a day and night centre and have all the necessary infrastructure such as around the clock availability of anaesthetist, surgeon, obstetrician, staff and OT for any emergencies which may arise.

Reliable Obstetrician : This is perhaps as important if not more important than the centre itself. Child birth is an experience and you need the right obstetrician to guide you and accompany you through the journey. An ideal obstetrician is compassionate, skilled and takes the extra effort of making you feel comfortable in your antenatal period. It is important that your obstetrician have the necessary qualifications and the know how of conducting both simple and complicated deliveries.

Regular follow up: All the best obstetricians in Mumbai will give you a fixed schedule of follow up during your antenatal period. Every centre has its own protocol for follow up ranging from 2 to 4 weeks. The importance of regular antenatal check up is unparalleled. This is because it allows us to monitor both the growth of the baby inside the uterus as well as the health of the mother. In the rare eventuality of any complication, an early diagnosis allows for timely intervention and can prevent catastrophe such as abortions or in the rare case ectopic pregnancy.

Compliance with treatment:

During your antenatal period your obstetrician is likely to prescribe to you a variety of nutritional supplements. The best obstetricians in malad and goregaon tell their patients about the increased calorie requirement in pregnancy before putting them on nutritional supplements. The daily calorie requirement of the pregnant mother is 300 calories more than that of the non pregnant lady, whereas that of the lactating lady is 600 calories more daily.

This is to compensate for the nutritional requirements of the baby. It is important that the patient comply with the prescribed medicines. Failure to do so can result in small babies ( IUGR ) or anemia in the mother. Some maternity hospitals in Goregaon west and Kandivali west, routinely give protein supplements to the mother as well.

Plan of Action in early labour:

During early labour it is imperative that you go show the obstetrician, on the first sign of abdominal/pelvic pain. Early abdominal pain could be a sign of onset of labour and the obstetrician can only confirm it after doing a thorough check up.

At or near term, you must have a handy travel bag kept ready for obstetric emergencies such as onset of labour/ or breaking of bag of membranes (water break). There is always a possibility that it may be a false alarm, but for all cases it is better to be safe than sorry.

New trends in labour management:

Most patients in our setup & in some of thebest maternity homes in Mumbai now opt for painless delivery. In this, we administer epidural analgesia to the patient in labour. For the rest of the delivery process, the patient continues to experience uterine contractions, but does not feel the pain. The entire procedure is extremely safe and popular with our patients. The administration of epidural analgesia ( painless delivery ) is purely optional and the choice is left to the patient after explaining the options.

Stem Cell or cord blood storage:

This topic is a pandora’s box of debate. There are a lot of arguments both for and against it. At our centre and some of the other maternity hospital in Mumbai, the choice is left ot the patient after explaining all the pro’s and cons of the procedure.The best obstetricians will always give you a neutral and unbiased opinion about the same.