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Winter 2022

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Welcome to 2022!

I bring best wishes for a happy and healthy 2022 to each of my DKGNJ sisters and their families. Although many things have been on hold for two years, it is time to remember the words of our founder, Dr. Annie Webb Blanton, and turn our hopes to forward-moving ever!

Even though we have been unable to meet in person, committees have been hard at work meeting via Zoom or other electronic methods. The convention committee, Carol Schwartz, Jan Paxton, and Sue Davis have been working with the Doubletree Hotel to bring our DKGNJ State Convention back to an in-person event. Please mark your calendar for the convention dates, April 1-3, and start making your plans to attend this exciting event. I for one have missed seeing all the smiling faces at an in-person meeting and look forward to seeing everyone again. Safety protocols such as wearing masks will be in place to protect everyone so I may not see the smile on your lips, but I know I will see it in your eyes! Proof of vaccination or a recent negative COVID test will also be needed for all participants.

First Vice President, Irene Maskaly, and the program planning committee have also been working behind the scenes to bring a variety of workshops to meet the needs of our diverse members. You can read more about the workshops, luncheon keynote speaker, and our international guest in this newsletter. We have been trying since 2020 to have Becky Sadowski, our current International President, attend our convention and are so pleased that things have worked out for this year!

Induction at convention will look a little different this year as we keep safety in mind. The ceremony itself will remain the same, however, the induction committee, Carol Boehm, Angela Castaneda, and Chris Musick, are redesigning how inductees and escorts enter as well as the set-up of the room. As inductees from 2020 and 2021 did not have the opportunity to participate in the formal induction ceremony at the convention, we have invited these sisters to participate in the ceremony along with the 2022 inductees.

Involvement in DKG goes beyond chapter and state activities. Other opportunities to become involved include attending the National Legislative Seminar in Washington, DC on March 6-8, 2022. The US Forum coordinates this event and gives members an opportunity to advocate for legislation to assist women, children, and education. Also, don’t forget about the DKG International Convention in New Orleans, LA scheduled for July 12-16, 2022. The International Convention provides members the opportunity to network with members from around the world and to participate in the business of the society. And let’s not forget the Jersey Girls dinner being planned by Corresponding Secretary, Gail Starr! The Jersey Girls dinner is often a highlight of attending an International Convention giving us the opportunity to meet for fun, fellowship, and discussion of convention events.

Thank you all for allowing me to serve as your state president. I look forward to seeing many of you in the near future!

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DKGNJ Welcomes our International Guest International President 2020-2022 – Rebecca (Becky) Sadowski

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We are excited to announce that International President Becky Sadowski will be our guest from International headquarters at the 2022 DKGNJ Convention. Becky has been a member for 32 years. At the international level, she has served as the First Vice President, Second Vice President, the 2014-2015 Southeast Regional Director, and the chair of the 2016 International Convention Steering Committee. Becky has also been a member of the International Golden Gift Fund Committee and chair of the Leadership Development and Membership Committees. She has served as chapter president and as the 2003-2005 Tennessee State Organization President.

Becky’s DKG membership has provided many opportunities for personal and professional growth. She attended the Basic and Advanced Leadership Seminars in her state organization and is a graduate of the 1999 International Golden Gift Leadership Management Seminar. Becky is a frequent breakout session presenter and speaker at all levels of the Society. She was a keynote speaker at the 2005 SERC and has facilitated the Advanced Leadership Seminar four times in her home state of Tennessee. Serving as a Special Education advocate has been Becky’s passion. Her career includes being a classroom teacher, a reading specialist, a Lead Teacher for the Memphis City Schools, an Adjunct Professor at the University of Memphis, and a Special Education Specialist and Educational Consultant for Shelby County Schools, as well as Head of the School of Education at Lambuth University. Becky has served as the President of the Tennessee Association for the Gifted and was a keynote presenter at the Tennessee Legal Education Conference on Special Education. She received the Jo Patterson Award in Gifted Education in Tennessee in 1996.

Married to her college sweetheart for 50 years, Becky has two grown children and enjoys spending as much time as possible with her four granddaughters. She is active in her church as well as in her community. A “lifelong learner,” Becky often refers to one of her favorite quotes from C.S. Lewis – “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” Be sure to take a moment to talk to Becky during convention or attend her AM session workshop: “Leading Women Educators Engaging Women Leaders.”

2022 Luncheon Keynote Speaker: Rick Geffken

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The Program Planning Committee is pleased to announce author Rick Geffken as our keynote speaker for the 2022 DKGNJ Convention luncheon. This is one presentation you don’t want to miss!

Rick Geffken has written numerous articles on various aspects of New Jersey history for local newspapers, magazines, historical societies, and newsletters. Rick has presented historical papers at the New Jersey History & Historic Preservation in 2014 and 2015. He has participated in Symposia for groups such as the Navesink Maritime Historical Association, and he has appeared on the New Jersey Cable TV show, Family Historian.

Rick’s books include The Story of Shrewsbury Revisited, 1965-2015; Lost Amusement Parks of the North Jersey Shore; Highland Beach, Gateway to the Jersey Shore, 1888-1962; Hidden History of Monmouth County; and To Preserve & Protect, profiles of people who recorded the history and heritage of Monmouth County, New Jersey. The History Press published Stories of Slavery in New Jersey in January 2021.

Rick has spoken about New Jersey historical topics – Lost Amusement Parks; Quakers & Slavery in NJ; NJ’s Submarine Inventors: Simon Lake & John Holland; The Morris Family of NJ - at dozens of historical societies and libraries. He has been a featured speaker at the Trent House Museum, the Quaker Meeting of Shrewsbury, the Battleground Historical Society, and other organizations. He is a Trustee of the Shrewsbury Historical Society; a Board member of Truehart Productions (film company) and the Friends of Cedar View; a Past-president and a Trustee of the Jersey Coast Heritage Museum at Sandglass House; and a member of the Monmouth County Historical Association.

Rick is currently heading up a project called the New Jersey Slavery Records Index under the auspices of Monmouth University of West Long Branch, NJ. He is an active member of the New Jersey Social Justice Reconciliation Committee.

Rick retired from a career with Hewlett-Packard; owned and operated several small businesses; taught secondary school mathematics, and was an Adjunct Professor at Ocean County Community. A retired U.S. Army officer and Viet Nam veteran, he holds a BS in Economics from St. Peter’s University, a Secondary Teaching Certificate from Monmouth University, and an MA in Social Sciences from Montclair State University.

Rick is pleased to offer attendees a 10% discount for advance orders at $19.95 per signed and dedicated copy. Members may order signed books by the author by emailing Rick at Please reference your DKGNJ Chapter so he may bring the correct number of books with him for distribution at the luncheon.

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DKGNJ Convention 2022

We are excited to be planning for an in-person convention once again! DKGNJ Convention 2022 will be April 1-3, 2022 at the Somerset Doubletree. The registration information is now on the website. Please use the online registration ( and either pay online or by check. Only those unable to use the online form should use the print form, which must be downloaded from the website.

Here are some of the plans we are making to ensure that we can all have a wonderful, safe experience.

  • Vaccination cards, or proof of a negative COVID test within 72 hours (3 days) of the date of the convention, must be presented at registration.

This might help: Download Docket for Mobile Vaccine Records

Docket App:

Docket is a mobile app that makes it easier for you and your family to securely access your COVID-19 vaccination record. If you don’t have your vaccination card with you or have lost it, you can easily access your record through the app to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination, as needed. The Docket app is now available in the App Store or on Google Play.

  • Eighty percent capacity for all workshops.

  • Six-eight attendees per table instead of ten for the luncheon and banquet.

  • All workshops, meetings, and induction ceremony will be set up theater-style.

  • Masks will be worn except during meals.

  • The only items handed out at registration will be name tags and a list of your registered events.

  • The booklet and all other handouts will be made available online prior to the convention. You may print them out at home or use your smart device to access them online during the convention. There will be no tickets for meals or workshops. Workshop facilitators will have registration lists.

  • There will be no chapter sales or other displays where people would gather in crowds.

  • Basket auction ticket sellers and registration facilitators will wear gloves when handing out items.

To make sure that all in attendance are covered by insurance, you are required to register to attend any events of the convention. To accommodate those who may wish to be present at only one event, induction, or at the Celebration of Life, there will be a Special Insurance Registration. You are to use this form for the sole purpose of registering to attend either the Induction Ceremony on Saturday, April 2, 2022, at 6:00 p.m. or to attend the Celebration of Life Ceremony on Sunday, April 3, 2022. If you wish to attend any other part of the convention, you must register as an attendee.

All of the information on the convention will be on the state website:

Click the button below to go to the website!

State Website

Click here for all of the information on the convention will be on the state website: What We Do -> NJ State Convention -> Downloads, Hotel Registration, etc.

2022 Convention Offerings

Irene Maskaly, First Vice President, Program Planning/EEC

The Program Planning Committee selected an outstanding variety of workshop presentations for the 2022 DKG NJ Convention that includes something for everyone. While there are two books discussion workshops being offered, we ask that you only register for one so that more members can be accommodated. The earlier you register, the better chance you have of getting your first choices for workshops. Please be sure to take the time to complete the workshop evaluations that will be available online. The information you provided in previous years was instrumental in helping us plan this year’s convention. We thank you in advance for all your suggestions and recommendations.

Saturday Morning 10:30 – 11:45

Taking Time for Your Personal Well Being: Holistic Health & Mindful Living

Presenter: Dr. Pamela Albert Devine (MU)

“Today more than 95% of all chronic disease is caused by food choice, toxic ingredients, nutritional deficiencies and lack of physical exercise.” Mike Adams

75% of all health care spending in the US is for the treatment of preventable chronic illnesses – such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and arthritis.

“Health is not simply the absence of sickness.” Hannah Green

Attendees will learn about the many facets of wellness, rate themselves in the many facets that contribute to wellness: physical, biochemical, emotional, financial, family, social/community, career, spiritual, intellectual/mental, and relaxation in order to identify areas that one can work on in order to achieve balanced wellness. The use of herbs, medicinal plants, and essential oils will be discussed, and attendees will become more mindful of ways to improve their overall wellness. Target Audience: All

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE)

Presenter: Camy Kobylinski (IOTA)

The content will focus on ACEs and how they are linked to future difficulties in behavioral and physical health.

Target Audience: All

I am for the Child (CASA)

Presenter: Jeanne Whalen (IOTA)

Casa is a national organization. The initials stand for Court Appointed Special Advocate for abused and neglected children. In New Jersey, each county runs its own CASA through the county courts. An overview will be discussed on how to get involved in the program, the training, and a description of a case from start to finish.

Target: All

Crisis Line Awareness

Presenter: Mary Claire Givelber

Founded in 1975, Caring Contact is a crisis line that has been promoting emotional wellbeing and preventing emotional crises by providing opportunities for people to express themselves to compassionate listeners in a safe environment. In addition to our non-emergency “warm line,” Caring Contact has been the primary responder to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for residents of Essex, Middlesex, Morris, Somerset, and Union counties since 2005. The agency has approximately 75 highly trained volunteer “Listeners” on the crisis line that answer calls every day from 7 am to 11 pm.

During the presentation, we will provide attendees with background on Caring Contact, detail on the differences in the “warm line” and Lifeline, and the increased need for crisis support over the past 5 years. We will share information on who calls who answers the hotline and why so many people hesitate to access this free confidential service. Finally, we will share some stories from the crisis line, so attendees get a better sense of the work we do each day. Target Audience: All

Leading Women Educators Engaging Women Leaders Presenter: International Guest – International President, Becky Sadowski Do you consider yourself a leader? The members of our organization reflect many different leadership skills and styles. Join us as we focus on how DKG supports all kinds of leaders and engages those women in opportunities to grow and make a difference. Target Audience: All

Book Discussion: The Alice Network by Kate Quinn Discussion Leader: Sharon Gardner (IOTA) Workshop Description: Open Discussion Format: In this enthralling novel, two women-a female spies recruited to the real-life Alice Network in France during WWI and an unconventional American socialite searching for her cousin in 1947-are brought together in a mesmerizing story of courage and redemption. Target Audience: All

Saturday Afternoon 2:30-3:45

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Presenter: Deborah Hoeflinger (ALPHA) A presentation on the life and work of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The program includes several of the important cases that she worked on as well as decisions she wrote while a member of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Target Audience: All

Educating the Whole Child: How SRO’s Foster a Positive School Climate Presenter:

Dawn Flanders (MU)

School resource officers (S.R.O.’s) teach, counsel, and protect the school community. S.R.O.’s contribute to a positive school climate by a partnership with students, faculty, administration, staff, and parents. Having 14 years of experience as an SRO, I will share my experiences to help you maximize your SRO program. Target Audience: All

Twitter for Educators 101 Presenter: Heather Lieberman (Gamma) In this workshop both active and retired educators will learn how to use Twitter to learn, stay up on what’s happening in the profession, and grow their professional network. Participants will need to have a smartphone or laptop and should have signed up for Twitter beforehand. Attendees should download Twitter as an app on their phones prior to the workshop. Target Audience: All

WHETHERproofing Your Financial House Presenter: Darci Erickson (ETA) This workshop is to provide a working understanding of the key concepts of how to become financially bulletproof. The audience will get an understanding of several key principles about how money works, the significance of knowing how much money is required for retirement. Each participant will also receive a voucher for a complimentary financial needs analysis. Target Audience: Active & Retired

Book Discussion: The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michele Richardson Presenter: Theresa Messino (Alpha)

Workshop Description: Open Discussion Format: This novel is a deeply researched piece of historical fiction based on the true story of the Pack Horse Librarians of Kentucky. A story of raw courage, fierce strength, and one woman's belief that books can carry us anywhere. Target Audience: All

Convention 2022 Information

Click this button to go to the DKGNJ Website for convention information.

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Contact Carol Schwartz (right), State Convention Chair, at for all general questions about convention.

For any questions about money, convention registrations, reimbursements, payment for expenses, or budget contact Jan Paxton (center), convention registrar, at

Please use the attached voucher for convention expenses/reimbursements.

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Downloads for Convention

Click here for the downloads you will need for convention.

2022 Hotel Registration

Click here for the hotel registration.

Convention Menus

Click here to see the menus for the convention.

DKGNJ Convention Registration

Click here to register for convention.

Special Insurance Registration

Click here to register for special insurance.

2022 Convention Workshops

Click here for information about the convention workshops being offered.

2022 Special Guests

Click here to see information about the special guests.

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Annabelle Boehm, Membership Chair and DKGNJ 2nd VP

Happy New Year! All Chapter Membership Chairs will be very busy this month. They will be inviting new members to join DKGNJ, completing new member and biographical forms, sending payments to Ellen Hahn, and completing the DKGNJ State Membership spreadsheet.

The drop-dead deadline is February 1st.

In Chapter our sisters will be holding teas, sharing The Big Picture, and sharing the rich DKG heritage. We will also be honoring our 50 -year milestone members.

Please remember all inductees participating in the Induction Ceremony must register for Convention.

My best wishes for a healthy 2022 and a wonderful Convention.


Gail H Griffin Finance Chair 2021-2022

At the DKG NJ State Meeting on January 8th, the Proposed Budget for 2022-23 was presented to the Executive Board for adoption. The vote was unanimous to adopt the budget that you see included in this message. If you are a state chair that has a line item for your committee, please take note of the amount budgeted for you. The monies in a particular line item were determined by expenditures from 2019-20.

The Designated Fund sheet also included here shows the balances for the indicated funds. These balances are for this year’s expenses.

The membership should also be made aware that the Finance Committee has contracted with Primerica to invest $63,000 in the hopes of having our money make us some money. As you are aware, banks are not paying any substantial amount of interest, therefore, we believed it was prudent to invest some funds for the betterment of our organization. $25,000 will be in Short Term Funds and $38,000 will be invested in Long Term Funds.


Lala (Lauren) and Mimi (Mackenzie) are twin sisters in Central Jersey who started Lala and Mimi’s Pajama Project while at Morgan Elementary School in Hamilton, to “provide basic bedtime comfort for all children in NJ”.

The tradition started when they started asking for pajamas to donate instead of birthday presents, beginning in Kindergarten. The tradition became a nonprofit and to date, they have collected and distributed 13,386 pairs of pajamas.

During Gamma’s December General Meeting/Holiday Event, our sisters donated over 20 pairs of pajamas to help keep NJ children warm! Please visit if you would like to donate a pair (or two) of pajamas.

Pictured below are Lauren and Mackenzie at the Gamma Holiday Event, with Gamma sisters Janet Stapleton and Angela Castaneda.

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Connect With Me!

Please send all items for future newsletters to me, Heather Lieberman, Gamma Chapter.

My email is below.