Push and Pull Factors

By: Mahir Morar


During the Holocaust, in Germany, many Jews were persecuted because of there religion. Some of the Jews tried to escape. Most didn't even no what was going on. They wanted to save there lives. The Jews tried to move Britain, France, the Netherlands, Israel and other places. By doing this, the Jews who did escape got to escape the Germans.

North America

During the 18th century, in North America, many African American tried to escape slavery and harsh abuse from there masters. They would go north to states like New York, Pensilvania and other states in the area. Slaves wanted to escape so the would use the Underground Railroad and stars to lead them there.


The people in Haiti were affected greatly by the earthquake that hit in 2010. People tried to find refuge in places like America. Many people went to help and bring back people to safety. The earthquake was very devastating but, Haiti is removing from the disaster.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

The people of The Democratic Republic of the Congo are very poor and don't have the proper resources to have a healthy life. There GDP of Capita is $348. People leave the Democratic Republic of the Congo to find a better country that has a better economy to live a better life and a better future for there family. They move to France to find new opportunities because the native language spoken it French.

North Korea

The political state of North Korea is known as one of the worst dictatorship in the world. The people have no say in there government and have to follow every rule or they will get punished to the fullest extent. Many people have tried to escape to find a better life with freedom and a democratic system but almost all have failed. They try to go north to China or south to there neighbor, South Korea.


In 2011, japan go hit by a tsunami and and earthquake. People got injured and a lot died. The people around the Tokyo area had to evacuate to neighboring cities and countries for shelter because many homes and all there valuables were destroyed.