Have no worries. If you need a baby sitter I am here!

if you need a babysitter contact me.

Hi, my name is Corilye Muller. I have just started babysitting and I need some service. I am well experienced. I have worked with younger kids ever sense I was 8. I always worked with my baby cousins and my parents friends daughters/sons. I know how to cook, I am good at cleaning and I am very responsible. I am 12 turning 13 in June.

ages i will babysit : 7 months- 10 years old. times: it will be a discussion when we talk everything over.

When I am avaliable & where I will be avaliable

I am available Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I am not available on Tuesday's or Thursday's. Also I may be free on Saturdays and Sunday's, I may not be free though so if you need me on one of these days I will discuss with you what I will be able to do. If I do then I will only be able to work in the afternoon if my game doesn't run late. Where i am willing to go it is Milford PA, & Shohola PA.


I don't have a price range yet. So when you interview me, I will be up for discussion about how much I will charge and what would be a good price.