facebook conflicts.

Elizabeth and Theresa

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Facebook's Security and Privacy Policies.

Did you know that their are over 500 million users on Facebook as of 2013? And are you also aware that most private information can be shared?

The privacy settings provides only so much but there is still numerous ways to access other user's information. There is in fact a wide range of dangers out on many different social media sites; (Not just Facebook.)

Are you aware that there are many sexual predators out there? Did you know that most kids don't consult their parents as to what accounts they are creating for what sites? To prevent this there should be some kind of policy regarded parents help. The problem is not 7 and 8 year old's on Facebook; it is that we make social media sites so easy to join. We need to prevent this. There needs to be something that makes it harder to sign up that requires parent supervision.

There are some of the situations on Facebook we need to take into consideration.

We need the people to start caring.