Barclay Bulletin

March 18, 2020

Device Distribution Day

We were very excited to see all of the families that stopped by school today to pick up their devices. If you have any questions during this time that we are not allowed in school, please feel free to reach out to teachers or administrators. Please keep in mind that we have no idea how long this situation will continue, but we will do our best to keep activities coming that are designed to keep students engaged in work they have already seen. Our current plan does not include sending out new material for students to complete. As parents, you may choose to supplement any work with additional work of your own. If you have difficulty completing tasks, please don't worry. Our hope is that students will maintain the information they have already learned this year. Things are changing too quickly to guarantee anything right now. Below I will include some helpful hints if you are having trouble accessing the work on the computers. My recommendation is to keep working on the reading, math facts, writing, and any explorations in science and social studies that interest the students. This is an opportunity to get as creative as you want to. Best of luck during these tenuous times.

Text from an Earlier District Letter


The district will be using remote learning for all general education, special education and related services. The focus will be on skill-set development, review of concepts and reinforcement of our curriculum aligned to the NYS Learning Standards.

There will be no new learning occurring during this time. Students can access resources on their devices to keep them engaged in learning. This is also a great time to make up any missed work they may owe. Reading is another excellent way to explore new places or learn something new.

There are other ways to keep your mind active such as playing outside, board games or helping your family around your home. It is important that students are getting enough sleep. We want you rested and refreshed when you return to school.

Directions to access remote learning and related service resources will be located on our district webpage. In addition, a “Remote Learning Tab” can be found at the top of each building’s page. Learning resources will be available beginning on Wednesday, March 18.

We want to emphasize that the health and safety of our students and staff should be the most important thing to consider. It is extremely important families are balancing their time on devices. We are suggesting screen time to be limited to approximately two hours daily and balanced with reading and outdoor activities.

Two phone lines have been set up to assist with remote learning in the event you need technical assistance and support. Personal devices will NOT be supported from the district for hardware issues.

Technical Support Lines: (585) 637-1904 and (585) 637-1906

In addition, Spectrum Communications is providing new customers with free internet services during this public health situation. Call 1-855-707-7328 for more information.