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January 2014

January Calendar

1/1 Happy New Year 2014

1/6 School Committee Mtg. 6:30 pm

1/8 School Council

Meeting, 3:45 p.m.

1/8 PTO meeting

6:30 p.m.@ Library

1/ 15 All School Meeting 2:30 p.m.

1/17 No School-Teachers’ Professional Day-Daycare open

1/20 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day—No School

No Daycare

1/ 23 Grade three Field trip to “Cotuit Center for the arts”(201,203,208)

1/23 School Committee Mtg. 6:30 pm @SAE

1/29 Grade three Field trip to “Cotuit Center for the arts”

1/31 Blue Jeans and sweatshirt day!

3rd Grade Concert

Our 3rd Grade concert, directed by Ms. Christie, was held December 10 at 2:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. It was well attended and the children performed nice-ly. Mr. Crowell and Mr. Riley joined in and performed amazingly! Thank you to all who attended and performed.

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Question of the Month

Look for the Question????? of the month. Let’s see how many children can re-turn the answer to the Art Room. Cut the question out and return with the correct answer to Mrs. Boudreau’s room 305 and put it in the ???? of the month box.

News from the Art Room

Mrs. Boudreau sent a paper home with third graders during the first week of art classes listing various artists names. This is a reference sheet for your child's homework. Please encourage your third grader to bring in one fact about our “Artist of the Month”. The students have one month for this assignment. They will earn extra credit from Mrs. Boudreau. Thank you.


Grade Three studied Claude Monet

during the month of December in Art.

We will be studying Marc Chagall in January.

Art Classes

Kindergarten: We have learned a variety of textures and the children have done a myriad of projects involving textures. Ask them a few ???’s.

Grade One: We made some very creative holiday gifts! Calendars and puzzles! Multi step projects! We hope you enjoyed your gifts.

Grade Two: ”Origami” and “Math” have been fun for the students using

fractions, symmetry, proportions. angles and shapes.

Grade Three: We made “origami” albums for holiday gifts. The students really did a great job! I hope you liked them. Thank you to those parents who sent items in for the project. We will be starting clay very soon.

Music Notes Ms. Christie, SAE Music Teacher

From December through January, Kindergarten students are exploring famous music from The Nutcrack-er. We continue to sing songs that use letters, numbers and counting to reinforce classroom learning. Play-ing instruments and keeping a steady beat are still some favorite activities in kindergarten music class. Grade 1 students also practice keeping a steady beat and are learning more about all the different kinds of percussion instruments. Grade 2 students enjoyed learning a musical story about a gingerbread house and have also been practicing some new movement patterns and rhythms. Hand bells will be ringing in Grade 2 classes in the next few weeks. 3rd Graders worked hard to learn their music for our annual Holi-day Concert. It was fun to share the gift of music with so many families and friends in the audience. Now that recorders have arrived, 3rd Grade students should always bring recorders to music class. We will play them every week. Regular practice at home will help students to make good progress. Another 3rd Grade concert will be scheduled at the end of the year in June to show what students have learned on their record-ers. Thank you parents for supporting music in our schools!

Library Mrs. Sweeney

Library/Mrs. Sweeney

Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer... because it teaches you how to think. Steve Job December 9-15 was Computer Science week and we celebrated that along with 15 million other students from around the world by participating in the Hour of Code. A short video was shown that was meant to inspire students to try com-puter programming. After the video was over students were very excited to get started. Grades 2 and 3 used a computer code called Blockly to program an Angry Bird character to get an evil Pig. Go to the hour of code website. for more information or to try an hour of code yourself! We have also been reading pop-up books written by Robert Subuda. We went to his website and learned how to make our own pop-up cards. He provides instruction for many different types of pop-up cards that are fun to make. Below is Mrs. Sweeney's interview about the Hour of Code.

Winner of the December Newsletter

Holly Veary was our winner from the December newsletter! Congratulations Holly!

Don’t forget to bring in the ????

Newsletter Question

How many seasons in one year? ————-——–————————-—

Name_____________________________ Grade:____________________

Parent Pickup

Parent Pick-up in the Gym daily

Thank you for being patient!

Parking is available in parking spaces ONLY on sides of school and in front of school. PLEASE do not park on flat top where there are no parking spaces.

Doors will open at 3:25 p.m. If it is raining, parents will be allowed into the gymnasium at 3:25 p.m.

Please walk to your car and use sidewalk or grass areas.

Our number one goal is the safety of our children at SAE.


Please be aware of the times of pick-up (3:25-3:35). Please do not enter before this time. Please enter through the side door by the library, sign your child out, pick-up your child or children and exit through the same door by the library. If you don’t arrive by 3:35 p.m., your child will be brought to daycare in the café and a small fee of $9.00 will be applied. Thank you

You must write a note if you or a designee are planning to pick up your child. Long term notes need to be written on a weekly basis.

Ms. Richardson

Thank you to all who contributed to a happier holiday season for others in our SAE Com-munity. You have continued the spirit of giving and showed your caring in so many ways. Our SAE Angel Program touches the lives of many. Best wishes to all this holiday season.

Ms. Richardson

Physical Education PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mrs. Watson/Mr. Raudonaitis

During the month of December the students were engaged in their basketball unit. Students were instructed in the proper tech-nique when dribbling the basketball, as well as shooting and rebounding. Students learned to dribble the ball below their wasit with their knees bent, using their finger pads and strong force. Students also practiced tracking the ball through the air, being sure to watch it closely with their eyes. These skills were reinforced in games such as shooters and timers, snatch dribble shoot, number dribble, and card sharks. During all lessons, fitness components were added to work on muscular strength and flexibility. The students really enjoyed this unit.


If there is a school day that is cancelled due to inclement weather, Mrs. Woodbury, Superintendent of Schools, will place an Alert Now out to all families and staff. This is usually done by 5:45 a.m. It is also sent to all the major radio and TV stations. Please be observant on snowy days.
In the event of a delay, an Alert Now is usually NOT sent out. Please turn on your television and/or radio to listen for the delayed times. If it is a two hour delay, doors will open at SAE at 11:05 a.m. and our school day will begin at 11:20 a.m.


District Recycling Program

The district has a great recycling program. Please send in your empty ink and/or toner cartridges, used digital cam- eras, used cell phones, DVD players, PDA’s (palm handhelds) iphones, ipods, MP3’s– apple ipods,

GPS devices, Radar detectors, handheld game systems, Kindle and Sony book readers and any small technology item not being used anymore (not broken).
You can bring them into any building in the district to be sent to the

Instructional Technology Office at MES. We get cash, products or points towards products. I've beengettingheadgearfortheteachersandstudentsanddigitalcamerasandflipvideocameras. Thankssomuchfor

helping us out with our recycling project. We could use some extra help collecting from our community buildings. Thank you
Sincerely, Jan Murray-Daniels