St. Croix Central High School

Family Newsletter: October 1, 2018

Our Vision of Learning at SCC High School

In full support of our district mission and vision we at SCC High School are committed to...

Creating a learning experience built on creativity, choice, efficiency, and engagement resulting in high-achieving and creative problem-solvers who take intellectual risks to discover the world around them and maximize their potential.

From Mr. Soderberg

Hello SCC Families,

This has been a very enjoyable, fast-paced, and wonderfully busy start to the school year. Below is some information I thought would be beneficial to share.

As always, thank you for your support.

Go Panthers,


Homecoming Wrap-up

Wow, what an amazing week! The spirit and camaraderie of the week have created great and lasting memories for all.

The participation and enthusiasm of students and staff were evident throughout the week, culminating in the semi-formal dance on Saturday night. We had dress-up days, pep assemblies, powderpuff, male volleyball, and a thrilling skit night. It's safe to say.. SCC does homecoming the right way.

The pride we take in being Panthers shines brightly.

High School Goals and Priorities

The district goal is to be a top ten district in the state by 2020. With that focus in mind, we have identified three major areas to guide our work toward making that goal a reality.

Areas of Focus

  1. Academic Achievement
  2. Student Climate
  3. Adult Culture

We have developed targets under each of the major areas to continue building a school of high achievement and great culture.

Morning Greeters

The high school staff has volunteered to greet students as they arrive at school each morning. The idea came from our PBIS group last year and was quickly adopted by the entire staff as a great way to start the day.

I am pleased to report that so far this year we've had 100% coverage.

Standards-Based Update

As you know, we have implemented the standards-based method of teaching and learning in portions of the high school and from all indications it has been a success thus far. With approximately 86% of our students experiencing standards-based methods, we are getting a clear picture of the benefits to the individual student in terms of clear focus and growth in learning.

The greatest advantages to students are:

  • the clear expectations of what is required to earn the highest achievement level possible.
  • the accurate measure of student knowledge and skills.
  • the students are allowed to demonstrate their knowledge and skill for a standard over time rather than a one time model.

Several students commented that they like the system because they have a clear picture of what they need to do to show their learning and have the opportunity to demonstrate their learning multiple times.

We have created a gradebook (see video link below) that reflects the SBA&R methods. There are several very important differences between this SBA&R gradebook and the traditional gradebook you’d find in Skyward.

  • In a standards-based system, the student has multiple opportunities to build up their skills without being penalized for practice.

  • Each standard will be assessed at least 3 - 5 times - we do this to keep track of how the student is doing on each standard so we can offer them the specific help they need.

  • If your child shows a “1” or “2” early in learning the standard, don’t be alarmed because they will work with the teacher and have multiple opportunities to practice, learn, and reassess. The achievement score is an indication of where your child is on a specific date.

  • The list of scores for each standard is NOT averaged. We use the “most recent” score but will use common sense and reassessment if their “most recent” score drops from the other demonstrated scores for that standard (i.e. 2, 3, 4, 4, 2).

  • At SCC we teach to the “4” and we expect all of our students to achieve their very best. Therefore, we build a clear path for them to achieve the “4”.

I liken the SBA&R method to the analogy of learning to ride a bike. When we teach a child to ride a bike we don't "average" in all the times he/she falls while learning to ride. We report on how well he rides once he/she has learned to ride. If a student has shown that he/she is able to ride during practice but falls in his final assessment, we certainly wouldn’t just accept that result. We’d give the child the opportunity to show his/her true skills which had been demonstrated previously during practice. In general, this is one of the greatest differences between SBA&R and traditional grading.

Students should have received a link (URL) to their SBA&R gradebook and parents will receive the same link very soon. Please ask your child to share their link with you.

Below are three videos I've created to explain SBA&R and how the system works. If you have any questions, please contact me and/or your child's teacher.

SBA&R Videos

SBA&R: The Fundamentals:

SBA&R: Converting to Grades:

SBA&R: The Gradebook:

From the Athletics and Activities Office

Parents: If you purchased an activity pass for home sporting events this year, please remember to bring your pass with you and show it to the individuals working at the admission table. As much as we would like to know everyone and remember who purchased a pass, our district is getting larger and it is difficult for the people working admissions to keep track. Thanks for your cooperation!

From the Counseling Office

College Applications- Class of 2019

Seniors are encouraged to submit college applications early; preferably before Halloween. Applying early increases seniors’ chances of being accepted into the college and program of their choice. It also gives seniors the opportunity to improve ACT scores, grades, collect references, etc., in the event they are put on a waitlist. Best of all, seniors will be able to relax and enjoy the holiday seasons knowing that you have completed a big step towards their future.

If students need to send a transcript, please click on the SCC Transcript link listed below. The link will redirect you to our transcript page which will give you step by step instructions on how to request a transcript. Most transcripts are required to be processed online.

SCC Transcript Link

Apply On-Line to Colleges

2018 National College Fair

St. Croix Central Juniors have the opportunity to participate in the National College Fair held at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The fair takes place on Wednesday, October 24th from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 5:00 pm to 8:00 p.m. It also takes place on Thursday, October 25nd from 9 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. For more information about The National College Fair, visit their website at

SCC Juniors will have an opportunity to take a bus on Wednesday, October 24th. The bus will leave at 8:30 a.m and return around 1:30 p.m.

At the fair, students will have the opportunity to meet with representatives from a variety of colleges and universities. The fair also includes a counseling center comprised of skilled professionals and partners who can assist students in the college admissions process. Overall, this is a great opportunity for students to ask questions and learn more about post-secondary institutions.

Permission slips will be handed out during the week of October 15th and are available in the counseling office. Forms are due to the counseling office by Friday, October 19th. If you have questions please contact Jeff Fern at St. Croix Central High School.

Phone: 715-796-5383 Ext. 1122


From the Main Office


2018-2019 YEARBOOKS: Online purchasing for yearbooks is now available at

Also, order forms are available in the library - see Mrs. Hueg. Purchase now before price increases on October 2nd.

JOSTEN’S VISIT: Tuesday, October 30th - Graduation Caps, Gowns, and Class Ring Informational Meeting

  • Seniors: 1:05-1:20 (start of 7th-hour WIN)

  • Sophomores: 1:20-1:35 (end of 7th-hour WIN)

JOSTEN’S ORDER DATE: Friday, November 2nd

  • Josten’s will take orders during lunch 11:30-1:00 in the Commons

From the Health Office

Northlakes Superior Smiles Program will be coming to the high school on November 8, 11:00 AM-1:00 PM. The program staff will be with students for approximately 5-10 minutes. Students will receive a fluoride varnish treatment, oral screening, and dental education.

Students who wish to participate should have signed up during open house.

Permanent Links

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