Student Council Presents:

November 13, 2020- World Kindness Day

Make Kindness the Norm!

Student Council Members: Left: Avalon, Maria, Sinthia, Ms. Dorcent, Sanaa and Dismeily

Not pictured: Alexander, Jaynalie, Talissa

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World Kindness Day

Kindness is Contagious!- Kindness Rocks!

GTV - Celebrate World Kindness Day 2019 With Us and Take Our Challenge!

Students: Check Out World Kindness Virtual Classroom

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Teachers/Parents: Check this out and try and see if you can do all seven!

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Wonderful Quotes to live by: What do these pictures mean to you?

Brought to you by Ms. Dorcent and Student Council

Free Resources for Teachers beyond November 13, 2020