Custom Made Pressure Washer

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Do You Need a Custom Made Pressure Washer for Your Building Exterior?

The exterior of your building is the first thing your customers will see and, therefore, the first impression they will have of you. But all of the money spent on landscaping and other welcoming touches will be wasted if your building exterior has peeling paint, grime, mold, cobwebs and other debris. Fortunately, you can power wash away most of the unsightly dirt.

But should you use a standard, off-the-shelf power washer or do you need a custom made pressure washer for your building? A lot of that answer depends on exactly what you need to do.

Pressure Washer Basics

First, you need to understand a bit about pressure washers. All pressure washers have a spray nozzle, an adjustment for the water pressure, a pressure hose, and a spray gun and wand. Power washers can be powered by electricity or a fuel such as gas or propane.

For a basic exterior cleaning to, say, get rid of cobwebs and dirt a standard pressure washer that works at between 1500 and 1800 psi will do the job. Washing away loose paint can require up to 2500 psi, however. Washing away an entire coat of paint from masonry can take up to 3000 psi.

You’ll also need to pay attention to the nozzle selection. Nozzles on standard power washers can range in degrees from 0 (a straight shot) to 40. The higher the degree, the wider the spray; the wider the spray, the gentler the washing will be.

When a Standard Pressure Washer Just Won’t Do

But a standard power washer may not have the exact combination of water pressure and nozzle that you need for your particular job. That’s when you need to consider purchasing a custom power washer.

A custom built power washer can come in handy for specialized jobs such as restoring the exterior of historical building where special care must be had. Or it can be useful for especially tough jobs such as cleaning the exterior of a building that has rust or tough chemicals that must be removed. For these jobs, you may need more power or special nozzles to get the result you desire.

Where to Find the Perfect Custom Built Power Washer

So where can you go to get a custom made power washer? One place to start is Daimer Industries. The company has made its reputation as a globally recognized leader in innovative, technologically advanced commercial and industrial cleaning equipment for nearly all major commercial and industrial cleaning applications.

Daimer offers a fantastic stock of powerful, reliable pressure washers that come in variety of configurations and a wide range of pressures. You can even get portable pressure washers. Within the standard stock, Daimer offers custom pressure washer options such as different voltages for international use.

And if you are confused about which model and which options are best for your job, the company has a call center staff with more 80 experts ready 24/7 to help you with your selection. Daimer can even ship many models to U.S. locations for free. And they offer easy financing and lease-to-own options so that you can clean up your building right away instead of having to wait until your business has earned enough to purchase a power washer right away.

Taking On the Most Demanding Jobs

Daimer Industries can offer you a custom built pressure washer for even the most demanding jobs. The company has its own factory that includes a full staff of highly experienced design and production engineers. As such, the company can not only build its standard line of industrial cleaning equipment but it can expertly build custom options such as instantaneous water heaters that can convert cold water pressure washers to hot water pressure washers or steam pressure washers.

Custom pressure washers can also be built to include special monitoring technologies, rugged standardized components and sub-assemblies. You can even get some pressure washers designed with stainless steel coils, which offer vast lifespan superiority over the cheap, aluminum coils offered by many other manufacturers.

From the Simplest Needs to the Most Complex

Daimer Industries offers more than 700 models of products, all of which have a variety of options and many of which can be customized, including custom power washers. This means that whether you are looking for a relatively inexpensive power washer for using in your small business or you are looking for a massive 15,000 pound custom built pressure washer that takes up 200 square feet of space or one that generates 10,000,000 BTUs at temperatures up to 330 degrees F or one that works at severe altitudes or temperatures below -20 degrees F, Daimer will be able to accommodate your needs.

Contact Daimer Industries today at 877-830-7346 or browse the website to start exploring your options for standard or custom built pressure washers. The experts there will certainly be able to help you out!