Janette Latimer BSN RN

Welcome to the 20/21 school year!

This is definitely a different kind of year, many changes and new routines to get used to. It was very good to be back at school and seeing students again. I am impressed with Homer's ability to stay in the green for as long as we did. Healthy Behaviors are the key to being able to return to in-person school---wearing masks when near people who are outside of your bubble, physically distancing 6ft or more, and acting responsibly if you feel symptoms.

In this space I will be posting ideas and information to hopefully help answer some of the questions that will come up as the year passes. Please feel free to contact me by phone or email as needed.

Controlling the Spread

Here are the tips from CDC to staying healthy over our winter gatherings and celebrations. It is harder now that the weather is colder...bonfire gatherings are my most favorite option!
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Change is stressful. It affects all of us in different ways, and not always in the same ways each time. Our lives have been changed and some days are better than others. I attached an article that addresses the feelings of anxiety, irritability, sadness, frustration, or even just a general sense of unease that we may be feeling.
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Coping with masks

-How to choose a mask- There are so many options out there now, here is some updated information from

-Mask Etiquette from the Center for Disease Control-
tips on putting on and taking off the mask, along with reminders to not touch it when it is on your face.

-Washing your Mask from the Center for Disease Control--treat the mask like underwear-change it every day!

-2 good sites for Face Hygiene/Acne (maskne)


-What to do while waiting for your test results. Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium developed a comprehensive document detailing responsible actions, with a table to help keep track of your contacts, as Dr Zink has recommended. Contacts are defined as people who have been inside your 6 foot bubble, for a cumulative 15 minutes or more.

-KPBSD and COVID--Here is a direct link to information about risk levels and case counts in the district, updated daily around noontime.

-Link to the FAQ's at the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) site.