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New Additions

English -

Developing Skills Through Teasers,

Letters and Sounds - A UK pdf featuring excellent teaching strategies, plus Teaching Reading in S1-3.

Fairy Tales Webquest

Visual Literacy - 4 new resources - Alice In Wonderland and 2 ppts that explain features/techniques.

Spelling - Both Steph Westwood and Leanne Williamson shared their T1 spelling ppt.

Phonics - 3 new phonemic awareness resources, SA phonics resource plus a link to the DET phonics guide.

Poetry - 3 new resources - NT and Det resources and a 5 Types of Poems download.

Word Walls/Displays - heaps of new pics that will inspire.

Writing Prompts - Teacher Hub, Journal Jar and Creative Writing Prompts. I have previously mentioned Pobble....but if you haven't checked it out you should.

Writing Resources - Free reading and writing anchor charts!!!! Plus Film English.

Literacy Games - free

Gayle Pinn's Student Self Reflection Smore

Maths - Resources - Fractions and Decimals VIC ed. booklet, maths checkers and a Times and Fractions game. Lots of TEN resources and ideas.

Sustainability - 4 new additions

Science - Have you seen the new STEM page? It is worth a quick peek.

Make pretend snot and a link to Science Buddies plus most Science topics have had individual resources added.

Learning Difficulties - Every Student and Autism Awareness Interactive

Asian Perspectives - China Webquest and lots of new links on the Chinese New Year page - Year of The Monkey!

Apps - Snapshot provides only the "basics", just enough to build capacity.

Added down the bottom of the page - Guided Reading - Alan Peat and the Too Noisy App.

Web Tools - Story Creators - Edu Buncee. My Storybook,

Computer Skills - See Saw resources.

Cyber Safety - I have previously mentioned Virtual Classrooms, FBI Cyber Surf Islands and Smart Crew Adventures.

General Resources - Did you know it is Peter Rabbit's 150 birthday!!

Parent Engagement - Building Family Literacy and Understood.

Anti Bullying - Student Welfare Teaching resources and Kindness is Cool!

Genius Hour - Are you planning on implementing Genius Hour? 3 new resources.

New Schemers - Capacity Building - 3 new resources.

New Scopes -

Science Scope - History Scope - Maroubra PS which I discovered online.

Creative Arts Scope - Fitness Scope - Gayle Pinn.

Maths Scope - Tighes Hill PS.

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Quick Snapshot Links PPT - To provide programming support I have created a "quick go to" links ppt for - units of work, program checklists (Science, History, Geography, Maths, English, PDHPE, Creative Arts) plus resources for these subjects.
The Present
The above clip combined with this comic will make a terrific lesson.

Also visit the Figaro Pho site - it is quite interesting and these prompts.

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