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Why Delaware?

  • Delaware was first explored by Henry Hudson (a Dutch man) in 1609
  • It was not until 1631 that Delaware was settled by the Dutch West India Company, primarily for trade (furs were abundant in the area), but after disputes with the Native Americans of the region, all of the settlers were killed and the settlement destroyed
  • In 1638, the Swedes formed a permanent settlement, Fort Christina
  • The Dutch took back the area in 1655 until Delaware was again seized by England in 1664
  • The area became part of New York until 1682, and then a part of Pennsylvania until 1703, but finally became Delaware officially in 1776

  • Located next to Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, Delaware was considered a Mid-Atlantic state
  • Its proximity to the ocean and natural rivers are beneficial to the facilitation of trade
  • Because of it's optimal location and climate, many countries were interested in this area, leading to some conflict between such countries like the Dutch and the Swedes
  • Delaware's geography, with arable and fertile soil coupled with a mild climate made agriculture successful
  • Delaware is home to many abundant natural resources such as timber, coal, furs and iron ore, which was beneficial as it could be exported back to England for profit
  • Since the area is so well-suited to farming, much of Delaware's economy is agriculture-based

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