Arab Immigration

Jessyca Villa-Vargas

The begining : When? Why? How?

Arabs have been migrating to the United States for more than a hundred years now. In 1880 and 1924 was when a group of Arab immigrants made an impact in the United States. More than 20 million immigrants entered the U.S. The reason for their moving is due to the war, an unstable economy, and political repression. Migrating to the United States they hoped for better opportunities.

U.S. Immigration Laws

In 1875 the first federal immigration was established and stated the prohibition of entry to any migrants who were classified as "undesirable". Individuals from Northern Africa and Western Asia who were migration to America to seek labor and better job opportunities were considered "undesirable". There was a $2,000 fine and a maximum jail sentence to one year is prison if you were caught bringing anyone to America illegally.

Moving In

The average Arab immigrant would be classified as a young single Christian male. Most of them didn't know how to read or write and spoke little or no English. When they first arrived to America they moved into bigger cities like New York, Los Angeles, Detroit and Boston. Many of them got jobs as peddlers in the big cities. They peddled religious items, embroidery, baked goods and confectioneries, which would have probably been made by their wifes. The single Arab males then realized that women and a family were an economic necessity. Many of then traveled back to the Middle East to marry and bring their wifes back to the United States. Over some time the Arab immigrants started to save up money so that they could invest it in small businesses and other necessities. As they began to settle in and become more comfortable in the United Sates they started establishing communities and even small churches and clubs were created as well.