GT Update News: Edition 7

for Mrs. Anderson's Crew

Last Week's Bender

Answer: For Example

91 84

574 602

302 395

68 71

This Week's Mind Bender

Fair prizes

Four girls at the back of the classroom were comparing the numbers of prizes they had won at the fair. "I've got one more than you", said Bernice. "I've got two more than you", said one girl to another. "I've got three more than you" said one to another. "I've got four more than you" , "I've got five more than you", "I've got six more than you", rang their excited voices, but we don't know who was talking to whom.

If they had won a total of 27 prizes, how many did Bernice win?

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All classroom clocks will eventually stop working, and the district is not continuing their use. Our classroom clock finally stopped working at the start of this year, so I bought a clock that matches my motif. By the time fourth grade came in on Tuesday, I had unplugged the district clock and had the new one out of the package. I asked one of the fourth graders to put the batteries in the new one and set it, while I took care of something else. This led to taking the non-working clock apart and wanting to know why it didn't work. We had to borrow tools from Ms. Watt, as well as dig out some batteries and circuits, and they set to work. There were lots of proposed fixes: simply replace the battery to the motherboard, connect a circuit to the battery connection in the motherboard, bypass the motherboard altogether and connect the circuit directly to the copper wiring of the gear box. Third grade came on Wednesday and immediately wondered what the materials on the table were. In less than an hour, they had figured out how to connect a circuit, make a LED bulb light up, and why the bulb didn't light up when the wires were on particular sides of the battery, as well as make a alarm sound. Fifth grade was just as excited on Thursday to find these same materials. Of course, they have had experience with circuits during fifth grade science. However, they were able to make the circuits spark and smoke by connecting them to eight AA batteries, as opposed to the two that fit in the standard holder. They also designed propellers to attach to a motor that would help move the object.

Creative Thinking

While some fourth graders were exploring circuits, others were creating movie trailers using iMovie. Keep in mind, I did not suggest they do this, and also did not suggest topics
Friends Are Selfless
Ms Keys' Class OF FUN

You are awesome because...

This week, all grades took part in an activity called, You are awesome because... During our last staff meeting, we did this activity, and I thought it would be meaningful to students as a self-awareness piece, and a little pick me up:) Each student wrote the phrase at the top of a blank piece of paper and taped it to their backs. The goal was to write on at least three papers. Then they shared. Smiles all the way around.

Third Grade

Last week during programming time, they learned to debug a program. I introduced this concept by having them take part in a relay race. I placed an already completed design on a 4x4 grid at one end of the map area outside the cafeteria. The pairs lined up at the opposite end of the grid in relay formation. Individually, they had to take turns writing the symbol to match each algorithm in the design provided. Students needed to make sure that their partner had accurately written the symbol, and debug the program if not. Afterwards, they took an assessment. This week, they will start off by completing their tower engineering challenge and create a product to show their learning.
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Fourth Grade

Last week in fourth grade, they began learning and exploring the steps in the research process through an interactive program, where they are able to apply their learning. This week, they will continue the learning about the research process, as well as learn about Youth Advisory Councils and their role within some grant decisions. They will also look at examples of grants written by other youth. They will then begin writing their own grant for the mini-golf course.

Fifth Grade

Last week they split their time between exploring circuits, finalizing their pinball machines, and character analysis from the book they are reading. They also chose a non-fiction book and one of the depth icons I have introduced (details/language of discipline) to apply to their chosen book. Most of them chose a book about animals. It gave them an opportunity to practice using the icons with easy to use materials. This week, I'll introduce the depth icon, main idea, and they will apply it to a speech I'm going to read to them to introduce their journey to the Temple of Charity. This is their next journey on their way to choosing a cause, and defending their position, then create a speech. During this journey, they will experience what it means to actively listen. They will have a homework assignment that will be due after we return from Thanksgiving.
Hope everyone has a week filled with family, laughter, fun, and great food.