LED spotlight

How to Distinguish LED Down lights and LED Spot Lights

LED spot light is a light that uses light-emitting diodes as a light source. LED lights are far superior to traditional lighting products on light emitting principle, energy saving, environmental protection level. And the LED light on the formation of a one-way light gives the perfect support to spotlights. Based on traditional lamps, LED down lights are the application of new LED lighting in the development of products. These two products are very popular in the market. And LED Lights Manufacturer offers customers numerous products. But how to distinguish these two LED lights? The following will teach you that knowledge.

First, product performance:
LED down light is embedded into the ceiling. And it belongs directional lighting, only its opposite can receive the light, and its advantage is that it enjoys better condenser than that of ordinary lighting fixtures. It is typically used for general lighting or auxiliary lighting. With the continuous development of LED technology, the life of the current LED down lights can achieve universal access to more than 50,000 hours.

LED spot lights are generally embedded in the ceiling or the wall. As a highly concentrating lighting product, its light exposure is to the specified destination. It is used to emphasize important places by light. Since spot lights at work will produce higher temperatures, so when buying spot lights, high-quality products must be chosen, or a safety hazard may occur. LED spot lights are currently mainly used for all kinds of commercial space lighting and architectural lighting. Meanwhile spot light is also divided into two kinds: low-voltage and high-voltage. It is advised that consumers to choose Low-voltage spot lights because the relatively low voltage spot lights are with long life and high luminous efficiency. Light efficiency of spot lights is decided by the power factor. Generally the power factor of good spotlights can be up to 0.99, but the price is much expensive.

Second, application place:
Most LED down lights are installed into the ceiling, requiring the ceiling height to 150mm or more. Of course, there is an external LED down light type. Generally choose to install LED down lights in the ceiling or chandelier no position, and the light is slightly softer than the spot light. LED spot lights can be divided into several categories: rail style, hanging point style and inside embedded. Spot light can be divided into with a transformer and without a transformer, which is embedded in the ceiling. Spot lights focus on specific performance at the irradiation position such as: TV wall, logo backgrounds, and some important jewelry and other ornaments.